17 Gorgeous Indoor Plants That Anyone Can Grow

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We all know one person who has cracked the deep, precious code for a thriving indoor houseplant jungle. The kind where the Feng-Shui is just right and the shades of vibrant green transport us to a state of ultimate zen. How do they do it? 

For a house plant newbie, it can all feel pretty intimidating. Where do you start? Where to find easy house plants? Or what to look out for when trying to find low maintenance house plants? Luckily for us, with the helping hand of our plant pals at BloomBox Club UK, we’ve selected 17 gorgeous, diverse and uber-easy house plants that anyone can grow. Please note that When potting your monstera plant  in well-draining soil in a pot with drainage holes to prevent it from getting wet feet. Monstera is a climber in its natural habitat, using its aerial roots to cling to large trees, so you should provide it with some stake or a trellis to support it. 

So, stick with us and sink yourself into a list of 17 easy breezy low maintenance house plants guaranteed to take your (and your house visitors) breath away.

1. ZZ plant 

The ZZ (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant, when it comes to easy house plants, there’s no way this ‘unkillable’ plant couldn’t make the list. A beautiful plant with miniature dark green leaves that need little water and can survive in both low light and low humidity conditions. 

Endearing and practically indestructible – the ideal low-maintenance house plant for beginners. 

ZZ plant

2. Snake Plant 

With their large, sophisticated leaves, the Sansevieria, more commonly known as the Snake Plant, is another unbeatable easy house plant for beginners. Sometimes referred to as the Mother in Law’s Tongue, Snake Plants can survive with little water, can thrive in any light conditions, and are not sensitive to major temperature changes. 

Plus they are great air-purifiers and, unlike other plants, convert CO2 to oxygen all night long – making them the perfect low-maintenance house plants for bedrooms.

3. String of Pearls

Looking for unique, quirky, and easy house plants? Meet the String of Pearls. Also known as the Senecio rowleyanus or String of beads, this interesting vine has a carefree growth habit, which, when placed up high and left to sprawl downwards, can provide an eye-catching focal point to any home. 

Drought tolerant and able to thrive in both high and low light conditions – the perfect unique low maintenance house plant for beginners. 

Note: This plant is considered somewhat toxic, extra care should be taken when growing in homes with pets or young children.

string of pearls plant hanging

4. Yucca Plant 

Next on our list; the Yucca Plant. These tropical, funky easy house plants are ideal for creating an indoor island paradise. Native to hot and dry climates, the Yucca Plant is robust, easy-going when it comes to light, and can survive almost anything, even drought!. 

With a striking trunk and long pointed leaves, Yucca’s are great low-maintenance house plants for those dreaming of summer environments (or beach-themed decor …)

5. Areca Palm 

When it comes to gorgeous plants, the Areca Palm has to come pretty high on the list. Also known as the Bamboo, Butterfly, Golden Cane, or Yellow Palm, this jaw-dropping easy house plant is a favourite of many interior designers. 

Striking, beautiful, and oh-so green, kept in the right conditions, the Areca Palm can grow up to 6ft and survive for a whole decade. While they require slightly more care than others on our list, once you’ve learned the basics, Areca Palms make the stunning low-maintenance house plants that every home deserves.

Areca palm

6. Pothos

Easy house plants for hanging baskets? The Pothos plant is your answer. Sometimes referred to as the Devils Ivy, these plants are easy and adaptable and their big shapely leaves look magnificent when draping off mantlepieces or shelving. 

Particularly easy to grow is the Marble Queen Pothos Plant. With white and green marbled leaves, Marble Pothos’ are perfect low-maintenance houseplants for increasing the elegance of any indoor space. 

Golden pothos plant

7. Wandering Dude Violet

Next on the gorgeous and easy house plants list is the Wandering Dude Violet. Otherwise known as the Tradescantia zebrina ‘Violet’, this stunning plant has deep purple-tinted leaves making it the ultimate choice for moody decor.

Needs slightly more care than the others on our list, but once you’ve learned the formula, Wandering Dudes are great low-maintenance houseplants for intensifying your interior color pallet and achieving a care-free grungy look. 

8. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens, otherwise known as the Aglaonema, are impressive, easy

house plants that will take centre stage in any space. Undemanding and wonderfully green, the Chinese Evergreen is hardy and able to live through poor light, air, and water conditions. 

Easy growers and impressive air purifiers, Chinese Evergreens are excellent low-maintenance house plants for improving the air quality and Feng-Shuei of your indoor space.

Chinese Evergreen Plant

9. Spider Plant

Spider Plants – one the most popular easy house plants going. Why? They are attractive, versatile, and uber low maintenance. With long, pointed leaves, Spiders are great for hanging or combining with other house plants for a wild, jungle-like feel.

Able to thrive on little water and with no pruning or fertilizing needed, Spider Plants are foolproof low-maintenance houseplants for beginners.

hanging spider plant

10. Monstera 

Next up is the Monstera or the ‘Swiss Cheese’ Plant. Native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, Monsteras are quick growers with brilliant large leaves. While they do require more TLC than others on our list, they are still relatively low maintenance and make easy house plants for first-time plant parents. 

With jungle-like leaves that can be trained to climb over pots or along a stake or trellis, Monsteras are the perfect climbing low-maintenance house plants to rewild your home. 

Montera plant

11. Heartleaf Philodendron

The Heartleaf Philodendron, or the ‘sweetheart plant’, is an impressive plant with large heart-shaped, glossy leaves. Wonderfully low maintenance and able to thrive in low-light conditions, they make great easy house plants for inexperienced gardeners.

Perfect for climbing or left trailing from a hanging basket or shelf, Heartleaf Philodendrons are great low-maintenance house plants for achieving that indoor rainforest vibe.

12. Lucky Bamboo Plants

After an easygoing, fast-paced grower? Say hello to the Lucky Bamboo Plant. Wonderfully easy house plants, hard to kill and will grow quickly in almost any environment. 

Lucky Bamboos are thought to increase the Feng Shui of space, their fast pace and recovery represent upright growth, nobility, and flexibility, while their hollow stem represents an open, humble heart. Perfect low-maintenance house plants for creating the ultimate indoor zen den.

13. Rubber Plant

The Rubber Plant – a beautiful, easy house plant with dark and glossy leaves that ooze sophistication. Rubber Plants are slightly higher on the maintenance scale than others on this list, however, they can handle a lot and are still perfectly acceptable plants for beginners.

Our recommendation? Place your Rubber Plant in a monochrome room for an effortlessly chic look.

Rubber plant

14. Orchid

For fans of all things bright, Orchids are the easy house plants to answer all our prayers. Once all of an Orchid’s basic needs are met (light, temperature, and humidity), caring for an orchid is super straightforward. 

The perfect low-maintenance house plants for those after colourful blooms to lift their space.

Purple orchids

15. Dragon Tree 

The Dragon Tree is an easy house plant with an aesthetic as powerful as its name. Striking and tall with green sword-like leaves, this house plant is easy to care for, drought-tolerant, and nearly indestructible. The perfect low-maintenance house plant for beginners who want to make a statement.

16. Air Plants

A fun addition to the easy house plants game – Air Plants. These funky plants don’t need soil and absorb much of what they need from the air, making them pretty easy to care for. They simply need soaking every few weeks and gentle misting in between. 

Ideal low-maintenance house plants for those who like the sound of fuss-free soilless planting, great for bathrooms and kitchens!

17. Watermelon Peperomia 

Last but not least, the Watermelon Peperomia – a beautiful easy house plant with leaves that look like mini watermelons! Otherwise known as the Peperomia argyreia, these stripey and eye catching plants do need some TLC. However, as long as they are kept warm, in indirect light, and watered around every 10 days, these plants will love you back tenfold! 

Watermelon plant

So there you have it, 17 gorgeous easy care plants that anyone can grow. A foolproof guide to low maintenance house plants that are guaranteed to take first-time plant parents straight to the gold.

After mega-easy and indestructible? Opt for a ZZ Plant, Dragon Tree, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Chinese Evergreen, or Lucky Bamboo. 

For low-maintenance hanging plants, the String of Pearls, Pothos plant, and Heartleaf Philodendron are unbeatable options.

If you like giving your plants a little TLC, Orchids, Watermelon Peperomias, Monsteras, Rubber Plants, Areca Palms or Wandering Dude Violets are for you. 

Last but not least, for a soil-free, out-of-the-box type of greenery altogether, give Air Plants a go!

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