2 Companies Shaking Up the Fashion Industry: Piol & Gambita

Posted January 7, 2014 by in Shopping

So many fashion companies have launched over the past few years — some of them impressive, but most of them kind of “meh” and uninteresting.

We’ve been waiting for someone to come along and change things for years, and now we’ve found two companies that might change the way you shop, or even the way you look at clothes in general.

1. Piol

Back in the day, your grandparents most likely went into a tailor, got measured, and went back a few days later to pick up the new addition to their closet: a tailored dress or suit that was made just for them. This was once common for the upper and middle class in both the United States and Europe.

Sadly, the days of custom-made clothing are gone. We’re just so used to our clothes not fitting correctly that we’ve completely given up on finding that perfect dress that fits like a glove. Piol wants to change that.


Piol helps you design the perfect dress that’ll suit your body and natural colorings using a  three-fold approach – color, style and fit.

After the free sign-up, you’ll be asked about your hair, eye and skin color. Once your color profile is made, you’ll be able to select fabrics in different colors and prints that are designed to highlight your individual colorings.


Up next is style. Piol has five different silhouettes – each with its own selection of neckline, skirt and sleeve.


Third is fit. This is where you put in your exact measurements. Don’t worry, they teach you how to measure yourself!

Once you order, your dress will be hand sewn in NYC and will arrive at your doorstep in 3-4 weeks. Wouldn’t you just love to wear a dress made just for you?!

*I personally made one and was beyond impressed! 

2. Gambita

Petite? If so, you’re going to love Gambita!

Gambita is an online boutique that sells a curated collection of petite and petite-friendly clothing. Since its launch last year by Caroline Misan Alvo, Gambita has gained traction in the fashion industry.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 2.42.00 PM

Caroline is 4’9″. She has always liked her height but has despised shopping her whole life. Everything is either too big, too long or just badly proportioned. When she does find an item that works for her, it still has to go to the tailor.


After doing some research, she learned that 50% of the population in the United States is petite — 5’4″ and under. With her new found knowledge, she decided to create a company that has fashionable clothes that a stylish 20 or 30 something would love to wear.

According to Caroline:

The petite woman is the #1 priority – we think about every article of clothing from the petite woman’s perspective.

Gambita even uses petite models in all their shoots and even post the model’s dimensions so you can compare!


To learn more about Gambita, watch this video.