2 Items You Must Always Have Ready If You Are A Driver

Posted October 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Having a driver’s license is something that many take for granted, but it is a big responsibility. Driving requires thoughtful attentiveness, avoiding the ping on your phone when the latest alert comes through, and preparation for life’s uncertainties.

1. Contact Information for an Accident Injury Attorney

Without a doubt, one of the scariest and most unsettling things you can possibly experience when you are behind the wheel is an accident. Regardless of how prepared you are for such an unfortunate event, you will probably still be shaken up. Fortunately, there is one essential thing you can do to ready yourself. 

Obtain the contact information for reliable and professional accident injury attorneys. Once you have the details in hand, add them to your phone as a contact. Include all available information, including the phone number(s), email address, social media contacts, website, and anything else listed on their website. Make sure the word attorney is listed in the contact so you can perform a quick keyword search in your contact list should you be unable to remember the attorney’s name.  

Next, print out the contact information and place it in your glove box next to your license and registration so it will be ready if it is ever needed. Go the extra mile and include a notepad and pen. On the top page of the notepad make a list of vital information you will need to gather from the other driver. If an accident occurs, you can always take a picture of their driver’s license and insurance registration. Be sure to document the damage (or lack thereof) on both your and their vehicle. Take photos from many angles and include a photo of their license plate, as well.

2. Emergency Kit

It is crucial to have a well-stocked emergency kit in your vehicle. Here is a useful video showing you what items to add. 

Be sure to inspect the contents regularly for wear and tear. Replenish any items as they reach their expiration date. It can be helpful to add a note on your phone listing the entire contents of your emergency kit. In the note document the item names, when they were purchased, and any expiration dates, if applicable. This way, when it is time to replenish or replace the contents, it will be easier to grab and go instead of needlessly searching through it all.

Next, add a recurring appointment into your phone’s calendar reminding you to inspect your emergency kit. If you would like, you can add all of the emergency kit items in the notes section of the calendar item instead of storing a digital note elsewhere in your phone. Make the task easier and you will be more likely to complete it every time.

Of note, if you have children, you already know that distractions are essential in times of need. Keep a bag of child-friendly items in your trunk that will keep them entertained when you need it most. Consider purchasing age-appropriate travel board games, books, puzzles, game books, building blocks with trays, and any other toys that will keep them busy for an extended period of time.

Go ahead and plan a road trip. Enjoy the fresh air and all the open road has to offer. Remember to be safe and avoid distractions. Get your playlist ready and make some new memories.

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