2 Travel Tips for Backpacking in North America

Posted June 15, 2023 by in Lifestyle

Travel in North America is simply some of the best worldwide. The road, rail, air and sea/water way networks work so well that you could literally choose to use any form of transport to see America. Or you could put a little more effort into the process and do some backpacking, safe in the knowledge that you can catch a scheduled train or bus to your next destination at any time.

All of Canada and the USA is highly accessible, and as long as you have the right equipment, attitude and ambition, you can see some of the most beautiful places on earth and all on a backpacker budget and plan. Here are the top two tips that every adventurer or traveler must know and practice if they want to get the most from their trip.

  1. Choose a route to backpack

If you intend to backpack, you will need to determine where to go and what you want to see. Places like the Yosemite Valley or the Grand Canyon or the Garibaldi Lake in Canada are all firm favorites of the backpacking world. You will, however, need to do the basic reading and research to determine exactly what the trail is like. Or perhaps it is just a short walk that you would like to take with some provisions for the trip. Either way you will need to know where you intend to go and what the trail/road or travel will be like. The route that you choose will essentially determine the next step, as you will have to source provisions, gear and supplies based on where you’re going and for how long you intend to go. So, make sure that your planning is cogent and clear.

  1. Plan your supplies and gear

Having the right backpack is the first step, and then you need to be able to carry it when it has been filled with the tech, clothing, food and snacks that you may need along the way. Keep in mind that it’s not just about the backpack and camping gear, you will also need some reliable technology to keep entertained and use as a means of communication and to share the fun you have along the way.

Many a backpacker has noted the importance of having some great entertainment along on the trip. Movies or access to your favorite online casino games will make for a duller bus ride or shorter feeling trip. Ensure that you have access, and you will be sure to be entertained at secure sites like Jackpot City Ontario where you will be able to play the latest slots as well as some of the most popular card and table games, all from the convenience of your mobile through their app.

Happy woman jumping on backpacking hiking trip

The idea of backpacking is to travel the route you have chosen, see the sights and carry all your required clothing, some food and all the other things you will need on the trip in your backpack. These two tips will ensure that you do just that.

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