2 Ways to Make Money out of Fashion

Posted November 29, 2019 by in Career
woman wearing heels

If fashion is your true passion in life, then why not try to make some money from it? Because of how vast and profitable the fashion industry has become, there will always be options for you to explore in this instance, regardless of how much of an income you wish to earn.

Read on to find two ways you can make some money out of fashion:

Start a Fashion Truck Company

If you’re desperate to start a fashion business but don’t have the capital needed to start a brick-and-mortar clothing store, then you could always start a mobile one instead. Starting a fashion truck company would entail you taking your clothing range on the road and selling your goods via pop-up shops in various different locations.

Before you go ahead and jump headfirst into this business venture, you need to consider whether starting a mobile business is right for you. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if this is a course of action that you are capable of taking:


  • Flexible schedule
  • Low overhead costs
  • A creative edge over static businesses in your industry
  • The ability to pick and choose your location
  • Smaller inventory requirements in relation to other fashion businesses
  • You will be able to sell a niche collection of clothes


  • A lot of time away from home
  • Laws regarding where you can and cannot park your mobile business
  • Confusion with regards to where/when you can be found (customers won’t be able to find your business on Google Maps)
  • Maintenance and gas costs for your vehicle can be pricey
  • If you haven’t got one already, you need a driving license 

Of course, you’re going to need a driving license should you wish to hit the road with your fashion business venture. Fear not, however, as this doesn’t necessarily have to go in the ‘cons’ section — Surepass driving lessons Norwich make learning easy, so if you take your DVSA approved lessons with them, you’ll be sure to pass your test in no time and with minimal fuss.

Run a Fashion Blog

If you’d rather treat fashion as a side hustle, then you could always start a fashion blog. Should your blog prove popular with a fanbase, taking on this challenge will allow you to speak your mind about the styles of the day and get paid to do so.

To make a success of your fashion blog, you must:

  • Stay true to yourself and, quite literally, don’t change your style for anyone
  • Showcase how stylish you are across a number of different online platforms (Instagram is a great platform on which to build a brand for fashionistas like yourself)
  • Offer fashion tips that are on-trend and of value
  • Have some fun with your fashion choices and show an edgy side
  • Keep up with the latest fashion seasons
  • Share content from notable designers and models

Whoever said work had to be boring? By putting the above advice into practice, you may be able to make some money out of your passion for fashion.