2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Posted March 29, 2019 by in Fashion

The thing about shoes is that you can never have too many of them, although people around you may insist otherwise! Now that it is officially spring and you can finally graduate from ugly winter boots, it may be time to stock up on some new pairs of shoes. Although it doesn’t feel like it yet, warm weather is right around the corner and stores are already stocking this year’s trend’s for spring and summer.

Here are a few trendy footwear styles which are available on New Ugg Tazz Platform collection you can’t possibly ignore in 2019:

Embroidered Shoes

Embroidery knows no limits this year as it will make its presence known even on boots and slides, which is actually good news because from what we have seen so far embroidery simply works on almost all kinds of women’s shoes. Sandals and high heels will still be the most common types of shoe to carry embroidered designs.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Animal Printed High Heels

Have animal prints ever gone out of fashion? The answer is no, purely because they are just so elegant and sexy at the same time, especially when paired with the right outfit. If you are on the lookout for animal prints, check out high heels like these ones on the Dune London website.

Aside from the standard leopard and zebra prints, the Anandi – Leopard from their collection actually puts both prints on the same high heel, adding a unique touch to the shoe that will ensure you stand out from the rest, even while being on-trend. Dune London has an extensive collection of high heels in different patterns as well, so you are sure to find something that’s more to your taste, even if animal prints don’t do it for you.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Sculptural Heels

Sculptural high heels are definitely unconventional and other women will certainly notice them, which is precisely the effect that the shoe is supposed to have in a social setting. Each of the heels is designed to be a work of art and when chosen with a bit of care, they can indeed look gorgeous. However, as sculptural heels do differ a lot, depending on which shoe you are buying, make sure that the outfit you are wearing matches with them.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Buckles and Straps (A Lot of Them!)

Although buckles are one of this year’s biggest trends, whether you choose to include them in your shoe collection or not is a matter of personal choice. Nonetheless, be prepared to see your favorite designers and shoemakers launch a host of heels, sandals, and even boots with a lot of buckles and straps. Meant for women who love a bit of edge in their footwear, avoiding anything with far too many buckles is advised, as it can make your feet look caged in.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Ropy, Woven Designs

Ropy, woven designs with a nautical influence are going to be a popular trend this spring and summer for women, so do pick up a pair or two for your next beach day and pair them with a nice floral or pastel dress. While they will be perfect for casual little picnics and day parties, don’t try to wear them on a trekking trip as they are not made for activity.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

Wellington Boots

These are some of the most commonly available ones. They stretch a little higher than any other shoes, till the calves. They are either laced or come with a zip. Easy to wear and carry, you will find women wearing it with jeans. The best wellington boots also fit into this category for those rainy days in the city or walking around the garden.woman with wellington boots

Bright Trainers

Trainers are one of the most versatile shoes that you can ever own really and if you don’t have a bright pair in your shoe closet, it is time to buy some. Given the fact that you can wear them to any casual occasion, and even exercise in them (like people were originally supposed to!), bright trainers seem like a good shoe trend to invest in this year. Although, if you are not comfortable wearing big, bright shoes, just go with one of the classics like off-white, because those really never go out of fashion.

2019: Top Footwear Trends for Women

What is your favorite 2019 footwear trends? Let us know in the comments below!