2019: The Latest in Men’s Fashion

Posted March 25, 2019 by in Fashion
2019: The Latest in Men’s Fashion

We are well into the new year and it’s time to take a look at the trends that have taken off in 2019. Get away from mere speculation and take an actual look at what the trendiest men in the industry are wearing. The month of March sees the beginning of spring and brings with it budding fashion for the year. Put on your stylish thinking caps and make your own style statement. The beauty of fashion is that you can be aware of the ongoing trends and yet still be your own person with a style of your own.

It’s now time to delve into the fashion world of 2019 and see what it has in store for men this year.

1. Light wash denim

Everyone has a touch of denim in their wardrobes. Even those who don’t like to wear denim, have at least one piece for the sheer versatility of it. This year, light wash denim is the talk of the town. Last year we saw dark denim flying off the shelves, this year it’s light wash denim. You can keep your wardrobe stocked with all shades of denim and be prepared for any trend.

2. Sling bags

Men need bags to keep their belongings too. Most men prefer tote bags and backpacks for their stuff. This year we see these going out of style and making way for sling bags. Get your sling bag now. The ease at which you can just sling these on is just amazing. Hang it in the front or at the back, it’s all in fashion this year. The best part about sling bags is that they are both fashionable and practical.

3. Watches

Watches have always been everyone’s favorites. Even if you don’t wear one, if you’re a fashion fan, you have a reason to wear one now. This year is seeing the return of vintage watches. Invest in a Rolex or a Chopard this season. You won’t regret it.

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4. Mismatched prints

Maximalism is the talk among the fashion influencers of 2019. Mixing and matching bold contrasting prints is in. You can get yourself a nice classy t-shirt and pair it off with bold prints. Following the latest trends tells others that you care about your appearance and may attract you a date too.

The article from Jasper Holland Co entitled ‘What To Wear On A Casual First Date For Guys – 8 Outfit Ideas’ gives a comprehensive list of perfect first date outfits and teaches you how to look classy in a t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to add a little personal touch to your apparel!

5. Corduroy

Corduroy was the fashion sweetheart a few years ago and it’s made a comeback this year. Just like denim is timeless, so is corduroy and fashionistas have finally accepted that! Corduroys are great for the winter and warm and snug. 2019 winter fashion has seen corduroy fly off the shelves like never before. For the last few years, corduroy was seen as a cheap material and not many people chose to wear it. But now you can wear it for a grunge look. You can even wear it for a classy look since it’s back in fashion. Don’t sweat it, corduroys are a good choice this year.

6. Cropped trousers

Women went crazy for these in 2018 and 2019 is the year of the men. It’s the perfect year to wear cropped trousers if you always wanted to. Adorn a pair and show off your funky socks. If you are into shoes, this is the perfect opportunity to show off those shoes you bought after standing for hours in long queues!

Cropped trousers

7. Neck scarves

These never went out of fashion! They are still very much in fashion! Invest in some good scarves to compliment your outfits. They are not only trendy but also keep you warm. What could be better, right? You can work with a lot of funky prints. Pair a funky scarf with funky trousers to create an outfit with mismatched prints. Choose colors that compliment your complexion. Since scarves are the closest to your face, you need it to bring out your complexion.

8. Plaid pants

Woohoo! Plaid pants have come back with a bang. They are comfortable, stylish and trendy all at the same time. Pair them with classic shirts or casual t-shirts, they are so versatile you can wear them for any occasion. Make your wardrobe edgy this season by stocking up on plaid pants or shorts. You have a wide variety of outfits to pair these with!

9. Quarter socks

For years, socks have either been flaunted or hidden. You could either make your style statement with long socks and show them off or wear comfortable ‘boring’ socks. This year with cropped trousers coming back, it’s the trend for moderation. Shop for funky quarter socks and show them off under those trousers. Create your style by matching funky prints. You aren’t flaunting or hiding them. We love this trend!

10. Whites and creams

This summer will see a lot of whites and creams to keep off the sun’s hot rays. Shop for light colored apparel to keep yourself cool. These tones are fresh and eye-catching. They are also easy on the eyes. The idea behind choosing these colors this summer is to experiment with a post-modern abstract look that you can carry off with style.

Fashion statements are very subjective and depend on the individual. We recommend that you find one that suits you best. These are the current trends, it is up to your creativity to mold these into your style and carry them off with finesse. Here’s a fun tip. Fashion as a twenty-year rule. Every year, trends that were followed twenty years ago are reinvented and brought back. You can now experiment with older styles and see how they look with the current styles. There’s a possibility that ruffles from the ’80s will make a sudden comeback too. Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming trends in the ever-changing world of fashion.