21 Amazing Chest Tattoo Ideas For Women to Choose in 2022

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Chest tattoos for women are nothing less than a fashion statement. The chest is a great place to get inked, whether you are getting yourself inked for the first time or have had several tattoos. You can choose to go with small minimalistic designs which look pretty and cute. On the contrary, you can have badass tattoo designs covering the whole chest area. Don’t get confused. To help you to select the ideal tattoo design for your body, we present you with a list of some breathtaking tattoo ideas.

Here are the top amazing chest tattoo ideas for women

1.Rose Upper Breast Tattoos

Red roses are associated with love. You can get yourself inked with this upper breast tattoo to show your passion and love for someone special. Alongside red roses a butterfly you can also choose to have a butterfly that symbolizes metamorphosis. This rose tattoo on the upper side of your breasts will look pretty. Alongside that, it will send out a strong message about your passion and strong conscience, irrespective of the condition.  

2.Quote For the Side

Another popular choice among women is to get inked with a quote. The quote can hold a special meaning for you, or you can also choose to go with famous quotes by notable personalities. These cute side chest tattoos for females will remain private as the quotes are written over a small space, mainly around the curvature of the female breast. 

3. Moon in Between

The moon has always been considered the symbol of a woman’s power. Besides that, the moon has several other meanings, too, such as symbolizing death and rebirth. On the other hand, the lotus signifies purity and strength. While selecting chest tattoo ideas for women, if you combine both potent symbols, then you will get a tattoo having impactful meaning. 

4. Phases of Moon Side Boob Tattoos

Over the years, the moon has been one of the symbols that has been featured regularly in popular tattoo designs for women. You can have the phases of the moon tattooed on either side of your boobs. The moon goes through a cycle, and this ever-changing nature of the moon represents the cycle of life. 

5.Take a Flight

Are you thinking about being creative with your chest tattoos? Very few ideas can come close to this tattoo. The size of the birds with open wings is also increasing with the change in the moon. The moon symbolizes feminine power, and the incorporation of birds which stands for freedom, in the tattoo idea makes it even more exciting. 

6.Dainty Upper Breast Tattoos

Simple yet elegant, that perfectly describes this breast tattoo. Get yourself inked with a beautiful-looking dainty flower on the upper portion of your breast. You can add colors to the tattoo, but most women decide to have the delicate black ink flower tattoo.

7.Stylish Snake Female Tattoos

Are you often possessive about the person you are in love with? Well, with this snake and rose tattoo, you can express your intimidation and passionate love for someone special in your life. The snake in the tattoo surrounds the flower, making the perfect upper breast tattoo.

8. Pretty Vines

If you love minimalism, you should consider getting inked with this small, pretty, looking leafy vine. Have the tattoo under your breast as the typical nature of the vine is to grow in the upward direction. 

9.The Shape of Heart

This heart-shaped tattoo will cover the whole area of a female breast. In this unique tattoo design, skeletal fingers can be seen making the shape of the heart. The bony fingers remind us of the phrase that ‘life goes on.

10.Pretty Sunflower

Who doesn’t love a sunflower? Sunflowers remind us of hot summer days. This flower is often considered a symbol of joy and positivity. Among all the small chest tattoos for women, this is one of the rare ones where colored ink is used to reveal the true spirit hidden in the design. 

11.Rosy Dreams

Breast tattoos can have one symbol, or there can also be a mix of different patterns. Here triangles are arranged in a particular order that hints towards love along with the beauty of love.

12.Antlers as Women’s Chest Tattoos

Have you ever come across chest piece tattoos for women who reach the shoulders. Here is one such tattoo. Antler is a symbol of power and looks magnificent on a female body. 

13.Spring Time

Spring is the season of flowers and love. Many female tattoo ideas have flowers in them because of the strong significance flower holds. You can choose flowers according to your personality to have them inked across the breast on your body.

14.Barbed Wire

There are several ways to interpret a design related to barbed wires. When a female gets inked with barbed wires under the breast, it represents the adversities a human being has to face and deal with in life.

15. Tribal Ink

Patterns can go really well with the curves of your boobs. Along with the curvature of the boob, get yourself inked with tribal artistic patterns. You can incorporate colors in the tattoo design if you wish to.

16.What’s Inside

This is a unique skull tattoo that represents the mortal nature of humans. The skull has wings attached to it, symbolizing the idea of living life like there was no tomorrow.

17.Find Your Soul

Not all upper breast tattoos need to be big and bold. You can go with some unique small female chest tattoos as well. You can pick any word instead of ‘soul’ which is meaningful to you and ink it on your upper breast.

18.Glorious Lotus Breast Tattoo

No other flower can describe the perseverance of a woman better than the lotus. Spread that idea by having a glorious lotus tattoo in the middle of your chest amidst two boobs.

19.Rose With Thorns

If there is a rose, there will be thorns. Rose is the symbol of beauty, whereas thorns are the struggles one must go through to find the beauty of life. Choose to have this kind of girly female chest tattoo to bring out the spirit of a woman.

20.Yin and Yang Breast Tattoos

On any part of your breast, you can have the yin and yang symbol, which symbolizes the balance between light and darkness faced by humans in life. 

21.Heart to Heart

Have a tattoo on your skin right where your heart is located inside the body. This tattoo design is unique; you will always know where your heart is. 

In the last few years, chest tattoos for women have gained immense popularity. You can choose from the tattoo mentioned in earlier designs. Customize the tattoo idea as your choice, as it is your body. No other person can select the ideal tattoo design for yourself better than you.

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