3 Different Ways You Can Consume CBD

Posted November 26, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

CBD is one of the most popular alternatives to traditional treatments and is becoming more widely used. Available in many health and wellbeing stores, this natural product can help soothe a range of ailments, from aches and pains to stress and anxiety – it can even help alleviate skin conditions.  There are so many products that you can take advantage of, whether that’s cream to apply externally or a product that you can take orally – like CBD oil, gummies, baked treats, and CBD flowers UK. Read on as we take a closer look at 3 different ways that you can consume CBD so you can choose a method that suits you.

Woman holding an CBD tincture bottle
  1. CBD oil 

This is one of the most common, and most well-known CBD products on the market. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant – which does not contain THC that you’d find in cannabis as a drug – and is then mixed with another natural solution, like coconut oil to act as a carrier. The oil comes in a small bottle, that has a dropper you can use to place the oil under your tongue to benefit from the full effects. CBD oil is easy to take and comes in various strengths and flavours. It’s described as having an earthy taste, which is why many CBD companies have decided to branch out into producing various flavours to suit everyone. If you’re not a fan of taking CBD under the tongue, you can add it to foods to enhance your meal or disguise the flavour. 

  1. CBD capsules 

You can take CBD as easily as you would an everyday vitamin. CBD capsules come in a variety of strengths so that you can take them to boost your general health and well-being, or as a way of reducing pain and inflammation caused by chronic conditions. These capsules are taken like a tablet and can be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly for fast and effective results. They’re already premeasured for you, so you don’t have to worry about taking the time to measure out your preferred dose or worry about getting a consistent dose each time – that’s taken care of. When it comes to CBD capsules, you can take advantage of the CBD content being absorbed into your bloodstream quickly, you can even benefit from soft gel capsules that dissolve even faster, so you can be sure that you’re getting the exact CBD content that’s right for you. 

  1. CBD gummies 

CBD gummies are without a doubt one of the best ways to consume CBD. These gummies are just as you’d find with your everyday chewy sweet treats, but they come with all the health benefits CBD has to offer. Like capsules, they are easy to take – you don’t have to worry about getting your consistent dose each time – simply choose a strength that is most suited for what you need your CBD to treat. As well as strength, you should also think about flavour. You can choose from a variety, with the most popular being mixed fruits, or tropical. The various flavours make them more pleasant to take and mean there is a taste to suit everyone. These CBD gummies are some of the best to take on the go, whether you need them to relax before a meeting at work or you need them to help you relax before bed, simply chew one of these tasty treats to get your preferred dose. It’s really that simple! 

Is it safe? 

CBD can sometimes get a bad reputation from those that aren’t sure of the facts. CBD is an all-natural product that does not contain THC – which is the substance that is responsible for the high feeling we associate with cannabis as a drug. CBD products that make it to the shelves must meet rigorous testing requirements, so consumers know that they are safe to consume. They must be third-party tested and certificated, and brands should give you access to lab reports to view online so you can be aware of the manufacturing process and ingredients.

CBD works best when you take it consistently, so it’s safe to do so. Be sure that you take the recommended amount to get the most from your favourite product!  

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