3 Easy Tips For Staying Stylish on a Budget

Posted July 8, 2019 by in Fashion
Staying Stylish on a Budget

If you’re like most women in the US, you can expect to spend around $125,000 on clothing in your lifetime, and if you’re truly passionate about fashion, you may find yourself spending even more. Clothing plays an important role in creative expression and self-esteem, and you deserve to look your best without spending beyond your means.

Buying and selling second-hand clothing, taking a DIY approach, and creating a minimalist wardrobe will help you achieve the look you desire, while staying within your budget. Read on for more details:

3 Easy Tips For Staying Stylish on a Budget

Buy and Sell Used Clothes 

The secondhand market can be the perfect place to find timeless, staple wardrobe pieces, as well as unique pieces that you won’t find in chain department stores. While brick and mortar consignment shops are still a must-go for fashionistas on a budget, there are a number of resources available online that make it easier for buyers and sellers to connect. You’ll be able to find brand names you love at steeply discounted prices, as well as rare pieces you won’t find in stores.

By selling your old clothes, you can clear space and earn cash to replenish your closet with pieces you love. Selling online can also be a great way to build a market for your own original designs and earn extra cash.

Turn Your Clothes into Pieces of Art with Screen Printing

Screen printing is an easy, no-sew approach to creating personalized statement pieces that can make even the most basic, plain white t-shirt into an eye catching, original design. The process of screen printing involves transferring an image by delicately laying layers of thick ink on top of a piece of fabric. When you print your own designs, you can be sure that you’ll never show up at a party wearing the same outfit as someone else.

Screen printing machines come in a variety of price ranges, however, the initial investment expands the possibilities of what you can do with your clothes, saving you money in the long-run. You can also begin selling your own designs for extra cash to help finance your next wardrobe purchase.

Pay Attention to Quality and Versatility

Investing in a few well-made, essential pieces goes further than blowing your budget on trendy, fast-fashion pieces. You can look for sales on higher-end pieces by buying items in their off-season, when stores are clearing out inventory. You may be able to afford the designer coat you’ve had your eye on all winter if you wait to buy it at a spring clearance sale. When you choose quality pieces and take care of your clothing, you won’t need to replace your wardrobe as frequently. Choose a few staple pieces and build your wardrobe around it to maximize the number of looks you can create with the fewest items.

Creating and sticking to a clothing budget does not have to limit your style options. There are a number of creative, economical approaches that will enhance your wardrobe and reflect your personal style. Getting the most out of every dollar you spend will make shopping even more fun!

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