3 Easy Ways to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted August 29, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

After a long day at work, you get in your car to drive towards your humble abode. After a few minutes, you hear your belly play its favorite tune of grumbling noises. At that moment, you happen to pass by a fast food joint with a giant “eat here” sign. That will surely appease your belly right now.A giant burger with extra-large fries and a diet coke (you know, for calorie restrictions) sounds like a sweet deal.

But somehow, you gather the courage to drive by the restaurant because you are determined to follow that “healthy lifestyle 2021” you created for yourself. What does this “healthy lifestyle” include? Is it all about eating lettuce and cucumbers to “detox” your body?

If your daily consumption includes just 90% vegetables, you’re on the WRONG track! Because guess what? You are a human. And humans require more than just lettuce to keep themselves awake and robust.

To find out how you can choose to be healthy through these three ways!

Get Moving

If you eat a healthy balanced meal and do not move an inch during the day, your body will still be at risk.

Exercising or engaging in housework will decrease your risk of contracting diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Humans are not meant to stay inside and sit all day. We were hunters in the past, and getting our bodies moving was how we survived and thrived.

So take out that yoga mat put on some funky music, and get groovin’.

Eat More Fruit

In the grocery store, it’s easier to reach out to that bar of Snickers than that juicy apple sitting on display. But choosing to eat that apple instead of a sugary bar is the most significant step you can take!

Change doesn’t happen overnight, so you need to give yourself credit whenever you make a healthy choice.

One sure way you can include more fruit in your diet is by keeping them in front of your eyes whenever you open the fridge or stop by your kitchen for a snack. If you’re going to have to search your cabinet to snatch one while a Nutella jar is staring right at you, you’re not going to succeed.

Fruits are rich in essential minerals and vitamins, which will boost your energy at work. In contrast, mainstream chocolate bars are high in sugar and fat, which will make you crave more sugar.

Choose Dark Chocolate

Wait, so you thought you couldn’t have chocolate? Just because there are cheap and high sugary options for you in the market doesn’t mean that ALL chocolate is terrible!

Those mainstream ones give cocoa a bad rep!

The Mayans were consuming chocolate before Europeans discovered America. They celebrated cocoa and declared it a gift from the gods. They wouldn’t have done that if chocolate were harmful, would they?

So keep in mind that you can consume dark chocolate (without added sugar) in moderation to elevate your mood since cocoa contains factors that increase your happy hormone and get you ready to face a new day full of challenges!

If you happen to need a power-up for more difficult days, you can consume healthy edibles, such as a dark chocolate brownie or cookie, for more intense effects.

*Photo by Gustavo Fring