3 Easy Ways To Save A Little More Money Each Week

Posted October 7, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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Regardless of how much money you’re making or how much money you’re spending, there’s always a way to find a little more money to save each week. 

For many people, money seems to just slip through their fingers like water. But luckily, this isn’t how it has to be. With the right plan and some little changes in your lifestyle, you too can find a way to cut down on your expenses and begin saving more and more money.

To show you how this can be done, here are three easy ways to save a little more money each week:

3 Easy Ways To Save A Little More Money Each Week

Rethink Your Commute

Depending on where you live, you likely are spending more money than is needful on your commute. Not only could this include the money you’re spending to get to work, but also what it’s costing you to go out to various other locations on a regular basis.

If you haven’t already done so, you might want to consider biking to work instead of driving, just so long as it’s a safe option for you and won’t end with you getting in a biking accident with a car. Another option, according to Zahra Barnes, a contributor to Self.com, is to walk or run anywhere within a few blocks to a mile or so of your home. Even public transportation can get expensive sometimes. So if you’re able to cut this out completely a few times per week, you could save yourself at least a few dollars. 

Don’t Stop At The Coffee Shop

Take a moment to think about any daily purchases you make. For many people, this includes coffee. And although you might not be willing to give up drinking coffee completely each day, there are ways to reduce this cost and save yourself some money.

One way to do this, according to Ludmila Leiva, a contributor to Refinery29.com, is to make your own coffee at home. By choosing to have coffee at home that you make yourself rather than paying for it at a coffee shop, you could easily save yourself between $30 and $40 each week. Expand this out over a year and you’re looking at a savings of about $9,000.

Commit To Making Your Own Meals

Another expense that many people indulge in is eating out. While this can be convenient, it can cause you to take a big hit to your bank account when you could have just as easily eaten a satisfying, home-cooked meal for a fraction of the price.

Depending on how many times you eat out each week, Miraim Caldwell, a contributor to The Balance, shares that you can easily save $50 or more simply by shopping at a grocery store rather than off the menu. 

If you’re wanting to save a little more money each week without actually making more money, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you cut back on some common weekly expenses.