3 Essentials That Should Be in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Posted May 3, 2013 by in Trends

Men have finally started to take fashion seriously…it’s been awhile, thanks to the terrible ill-fitting clothes from the 90’s and the “bro” look that’s still running rampant in the suburbs of the United States.

I recently went to Holland and couldn’t find one guy in baggy, unfashionable clothes…not one in all of Amsterdam. When talking to a few Dutch and English friends, they didn’t even know what a “bro” was…yikes…we need to catch up.

Below is what we believe to be the top essentials in men’s clothing via the help and guidance of a London based pal. If your boyfriend is lacking, share this with him…stat!

Grey suits

Everyone needs formal clothing on standby for those important events, and typically men tend to opt for the classic black suit. However in our opinion, grey is the better choice. Although you may believe that black is suitable for any occasion, a grey tailored number is definitely more versatile and will prove to be a refreshing addition to your wardrobe.

What’s more, the beauty of these is that there are suits available for any budget, and the quality is never lost. You can easily pick up a sharp looking combo for less than a hundred pounds. Lovely.


White shirts

Similar to the suit, you’ll be lost if you don’t have the staple shirts you need for your day to day shenanigans. Whether you’re attending your mate’s birthday party, a christening or even a job interview, a simple buttoned shirt is the ideal option for any social outing.

But if you’re not a lover of such formal dress, we advise that you at least get one white collared shirt. As we’ve mentioned already, it’s effortlessly stylish and perfect for a number of events. You can thank us later!


Well fitted jeans

The majority of you will probably be thinking that we’re stating the obvious; who doesn’t have jeans in their wardrobe? However the key to this is ‘well fitted.’ Not the ones which you’ve worn for years that are ripped, frayed and have a life of their own. We mean smart jeans, ones which you could comfortably wear to a family meal and know that your mum would approve.

However, finding a decent pair of well fitted jeans can be hard to find. It can take a significant amount of effort and money to find the right ones for you, but you’ll certainly benefit from the end result.


Do you think the men in your life are stylish? Let us know in the comments below!