3 Fashion Apps You Need To Know About Now

Posted July 20, 2012 by in Lifestyle

Being a part of the tech industry, I know a few things about apps — the good and the bad. Here are a few fashion based apps I seriously can’t get enough of. All three have the potential to change how a girl shops forever!

1. Fashism

Fashism is by far my all time favorite fashion app, I started using it last summer and have been hooked ever since. In short, it’s a website and mobile app which started in 2009 as a way for people to get advice on what to wear.

How It Works:

You take a picture of yourself wearing an outfit, you upload it to Fashism and from there get advice from the community. They can click the “Love It” or “Leave It” button as well as comment. It’s a friendly community that gives you an honest opinion.

Perhaps you don’t know which prom dress to buy, or you don’t know if your outfit is appropriate for the office. The Fashism community is there to help.

Click here to see one of the looks I submitted. Fashism also has an  online store with nothing exceeding $30, how Broke & Chic of them!

2. Pick n’ Tell

This is a brand new app that just launched last week! If it builds a big enough community, it could become your new best friend in the dressing room!

How It Works:

So you’re in the dressing room, you’ve tried on a dress but aren’t sure if it’s “the one” for that big event you have to go to. By using the Pick N’ Tell’s self-picture taking tool, you capture a video of yourself and then share it with your PickN’Tell contacts and on social networks like Facebook and Twitter (only if you want) all for free!

Pick N’ Tell is a great way to get instant feedback from your friend when you’re shopping alone! At the launch I was very impressed and could see it being useful. It adds engagement, it helps retailers build an out-of-store relationship with their customers, you can get great advice from your friends as well as stylists and popular bloggers and you can even scan the barcodes of items you’re considering.

According to their website:

It’s all about you! Whether you’re debating what to buy, or if you just feel like showing off, PickN’Tell is a great way to keep tabs on your favorite outfits and stores.

Below is the video I saw at the launch that helps demonstrate how it works!

This app is also great for retailers since it’s free marketing! When a customer shares an item from their store, they’re reaching a larger audience!

3. Cloth

This app isn’t about getting advice or sharing your outfits with friends, Cloth is your own personal outfit diary.

According to Courtney Boyd Myers of The Next Web:

Picking out the perfect outfit can take hours. Whenever I start to get dressed up, I always think, what did I wear this time last year? I’ll even go through old photo albums on Facebook or Flickr to remind myself of the combinations I put together in the past to save myself some time in the present.

How It Work:

With Cloth, you’re supposed to take a picture of yourself wearing an outfit you already own to keep track of the differnt items you have in your closet. You can even put your photo’s in different categories such as vacation, work and school. Below is a video to get a better idea.



Amazingly, all three of the apps mentioned above are free. Download them and play around. Do you think any of these apps are useful? Let us know in the comments below.