3 Lucrative Business Ideas to Invest Your Money in 2021

Posted November 9, 2020 by in Career

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought significant changes to the business landscape. Some previously profitable industries are now on their knees. Some that were barely surviving are now thriving. This change has left many people rethinking their investment decisions, wondering if they made the right decision in business.

 Nevertheless, the pandemic doesn’t mark the end of business. In any case, entrepreneurs who want to expand their portfolio are on the lookout for lucrative business ideas.  They want to be prepared to realize more significant profit margins in 2021 and going forward. Here are some great investment ideas that look promising.

Business Consulting

As earlier mentioned, it’s not the end of business. People are still going to try out their hand in entrepreneurship despite the pandemic. For example, some former employees who can’t find employment now want to try their hand in business. Other people want to find something they can do to increase their income streams. The authority website IncomeHolic.Com has related resources you can go through.

 However, some don’t know how to go about it, and they would invest in consulting services to see their companies grow. Existing companies are also willing to spend thousands of dollars on consulting services. If you have a skill in a particular business function, you can offer it as a service to other businesses.

 In combination with consultation services, you could offer business marketing services. Marketing is at the core of small businesses, and without it, they can’t thrive or expand. If you have skills in marketing automation, website design, and search engine optimization, you can assist struggling businesses.

Cleaning Services

Families and households are getting busier, leaving them without enough time to cater to their homes. This has led to most of them outsourcing their responsibilities to allow them some free time for other things. Cleaning is a commonly outsourced service. 

 House cleaning is a lucrative business idea because someone has to ensure that the home is in good condition. With the heightened consciousness about the coronavirus, people are now concerned about maintaining clean surfaces and spaces. A cleaning business with a lot of emphasis on sanitization will attract many clients.

Home Care Services

Caregiving for the elderly is a widely sought after service. Instead of starting from scratch, consider buying a Home Care Franchise. It’s a great way to have a business up and running without being the one to lay the foundation.

 The advantages of a franchise are numerous and include the low cost of entry, a ready market, and high profit margins. Home care is also recession-proof since there are always seniors who wish to age carefully in their own home.

 Your experience or expertise in the home care sector doesn’t matter. What’s important is to be highly motivated in the services and passionate about the industry. You can then hire experts to dispense the actual services.

Take Away

If you’ve been wondering what business you can start amid the pandemic, here are three ideas to get you started. They’re easy to start and highly profitable. With the right skillset and a passion to run them, 2021 doesn’t have to be financially gloomy for you.