3 Options for New Living Environments

Posted April 6, 2021 by in Lifestyle

How do you feel about where you live? Do you feel like there is some other type of housing that would suit your lifestyle better? Do you live a certain way, but feel like it’s time for a change because your home environment is getting in the way of your job, or maybe even getting in the way of your dreams? If you’re starting to ask yourself these kinds of questions, it may be time to choose a new living environment.

But, what kind of options might you have? If you have the money, you can have a house custom-built by a company. If you’re feeling adventurous for a minimal experience, you can purchase or build a tiny house shells. If you don’t have any social or professional elements that are requiring that you live in a specific place, maybe you want to try living out of a motorhome or camper. In the end, you’ll probably recognize that the environment you want to live in can be very different depending on which stage of life you’re currently in.

I used to have the stereotypical NYC life: cute (but small) apartment , high rent, long commute, and a demanding job that took up all my time. After eight years of it, my boyfriend and I sold all of our stuff, put our important belongings in storage, and we’re now just traveling the world. That’s the plan for the next year, to just travel. The plan is to see as many places we can and then decide where we want to live. We are making money by working remotely (no one is funding it for us and our accommodations are super cheap, way less than our monthly NYC rent). We have so far spent time in Dominican Republic, Portugal, and we’re now in Spain. Next up is France followed by England. Life is too short not to do what you want to do.

Below are some lifestyle options that you may not have thought of:

3 Options for New Living Environments

Custom Built-Houses

If you have the resources and the desire, you can have a company custom-build your home. You can sit down with the designer and decide as many details you want about the size of the house, the layout, the location, and even the decorations and the furniture. You can build your dream home to the specifications that you want, assuming that you have enough money to do so and you trust the company that is going to be doing the construction.

Going Tiny for a Minimal Experience

Have you read about the tiny house movement? If you feel like your home is too big and it’s too much to take care of and full of clutter that you don’t need, then perhaps going minimal is exactly what you need. It can be quite fascinating and compelling to see that people can create an entire household experience from a few hundred square feet. Typically, tiny homes are built on a structure that you can tow from one place to another as well. That means you aren’t necessarily stuck in one place even though you have all the typical amenities of a house.

Living On the Road

During a particular stage of life, many people want to feel free in their movements. If you think that you have reached that stage (like I have), but you still want the comforts of a home environment, then why not purchase a fifth-wheel and try living on the road for a while? It’s is a big life decision. You have to make sure that it matches with your career, but for anyone who has chosen this lifestyle, they will often tell stories about it being the most memorable period of their lives. It’s not necessarily a permanent ideal, but it is a beautiful narrative for the people who jump in.

Recognizing Different Stages of Your Life

One of the things that will be important to recognize if you’re unhappy with where you currently live is that during different stages of your life, you’ll want different things from your environment. Maybe want stability. Perhaps you are looking for a sense of space. Other people might want to feel like their home is more of a cocoon. If you synchronize your desires with your home environment, then you will be happier than if you try to resist your natural tendencies.