3 Places Your Dog Will Enjoy Just as Much as You

Posted May 6, 2024 by in Lifestyle
3 Places Your Dog Will Enjoy Just as Much as You

If you are a dog owner, you will know the feeling of wanting to be able to take your dog almost everywhere with you. Unfortunately, not all places are dog-friendly, which can make heading out for the day or going out for something to eat a little trickier. Luckily, this list contains a few different ideas that you could try for your next day out that allow you to bring your faithful friend too. 

3 Places Your Dog Will Enjoy Just as Much as You

The Beach 

Dogs love going to the beach, especially sandy beaches. There’s so much for them to do and explore that is sure to tire them out. Running along the beach, digging in the sand and swimming in the sea are all activities you can let your dog enjoy while you sit back and relax on your beach towel. If you’re in SoCal, check out Rosie’s Dog Beach in Long Beach, CA.

If a beach is dog-friendly, there will usually be signs up telling you that dogs are welcome. You should only take your dog to the beach if it is well-behaved, especially around other people, children and other dogs. As a responsible dog owner, you should always clean up after your dog and not leave any mess.

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The Pub

If you are looking to grab a bite to eat, it’s unlikely that the local restaurant is going to let you take your dog in with you. However, many more pubs are now opening their doors to dogs, which is great news for you and your pooch. Not only will you be able to take your dog with you, but they will probably meet a whole load of friends while they are there, giving them something to do while you sit and enjoy a beer or some food.

It’s worth bearing in mind that not all pubs are dog friendly, so you will want to check before you go. Most pubs have a website, so do a quick search for something like ‘dog friendly pubs Chichester’, which will likely give you a list of places you can visit. 

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Dog Parks and Fields

If you struggle to find places to walk your dog or are unable to let them off the lead, there are a number of dog parks and enclosed fields that people rent out so that you can play with your dog and know that they will be safe and away from other dogs and people. The website Dog Walking Fields has a handy map that you can use to find enclosed fields and dog parks in your area. 

3 Places Your Dog Will Enjoy Just as Much as You

If you are looking for new ways to socialize your dog, dog parks are usually enclosed spaces where there will be other dogs at the same time. There are normally some rules that you will need to abide by if you want to use the park, and there is sometimes a small charge if you want to use the space. Dog parks are a great way to introduce your dog to other dogs in a safe and friendly environment.