3 Questions To Help You Know If A New Job Offer Is Right For You

Posted August 26, 2019 by in Career
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If you’ve been without a job for a while or have been working at a job that you haven’t enjoyed, you might find yourself eager to jump at any chance for employment. However, the job or career you choose can have such an impact on your life overall, it’s important that you don’t make this decision lightly.

So to help you determine if a job offer you’ve just been given is going to be a good path for you to follow, here are three questions to ask yourself to help you know if this new job will be right for you:

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Will This Job Fulfill What I’ve Been Missing?

Especially for people who are switching jobs, it’s important that you’re able to find something in your new job that you were missing in your old job. Just going from one mediocre job to another isn’t necessarily a wise mood.

Because of this, Liz Ryan, a contributor to Forbes.com, recommends asking yourself if this new job you might take will be able to fulfill whatever you felt was lacking in your old job. These qualities will vary based on what you need and what you’ve been given. But if the job offer you’re considering taking won’t solve any of the problems you’re having at your current job, you might be better off just waiting until the right position comes along for you. 

Am I Going To Be Happy Here On A Day-To-Day Basis?

Getting a new job is about more than just how your professional role will now be different. You also have to consider things like company culture and how this job will affect your daily life in a different way.

To encompass all of these issues at once, Julia Malacoff, a contributor to Glassdoor.com, advises that you really ask yourself if you can envision being happy with this new job on a day-to-day basis. If you don’t enjoy a big part of your new responsibilities, or if you have concerns about things like workplace safety or potential for injury, this job might not be a good match for you.

Is This Job Taking Me In The Right Direction?

While many people think that getting a new job should always mean a step up the ladder, sometimes you have to take certain lateral steps in order to get your future better positioned. 

So rather than thinking about if this new job would be a step forward for you, Jaclyn Westlake, a contributor to The Muse, recommends thinking about if this new job will help you get to where you want to go. If you don’t think it can, you should consider waiting for a better offer to come around. 

If you have a new job offer that you’re unsure of, consider answering the questions mentioned above to help you determine if this is the right next step for you.