3 Reasons Every Man Should Own a Work Shirt

Posted October 16, 2022 by in Career
man in smart attire working on laptop at desk

A work shirt might not seem like an important part of any man’s wardrobe, but in reality, it has plenty of important uses and features that makes it useful both at work and at home. With so many unique and interesting designs out there, a work shirt can be more than just something to throw on when you go to the office – it can be an article of clothing you’ll want to wear even if you aren’t working hard or hardly working at all. If you don’t already own one, here are three reasons why every man should buy work shirts at KingGee Australia.

  1. Work shirts are classic

Work shirts are timeless and it’s easy to see why. They’re made from sturdy fabrics that can withstand the rigors of a hard day’s work, or a relaxing afternoon on the golf course. You can dress them up with slacks or dress them down with jeans, making them versatile enough for any occasion. And best of all, they’re affordable, so there’s no excuse not to own one!

  1. They pair with anything

Work shirts are a must-have for every man. They pair with anything, come in a variety of styles and can be worn to the office or out on the town. Plus, they’re perfect for a night out because they’re not too dressy and can be dressed up or down based off your shoes. They’re also incredibly versatile. You can wear them with a tie and blazer to work, or you can take off the tie and roll up the sleeves for casual Friday at the office. And that’s not all. Just swap out your work boots for sneakers and it’s an instant casual look. And if you’re heading out for drinks after work? Leave the button-down shirt tucked into your slacks so it looks like a waistcoat.

  1. They never go out of style

For many men, the only time they wear a dress shirt is to work or to an important event. However, dress shirts are stylish and versatile. You can wear them with a tie, without a tie, tucked in or untucked. Dress shirts are classic and will never go out of style like some of your favorite jeans might one day. One day you may not be able to fit into those old favorites so it’s best to have other options that never go out of style. They come in different colors. There are light pink dress shirts for when you want something bright, white for when you want something more understated, and dark blue for when you want something that stands out from everyone else at the office. 

It’s easy. It’s not hard at all to find a suit that has everything you need inside of it but why would you do that? Why spend all this money on suits just so you can have one shirt inside? Instead, buy a few dress shirts that match with whatever suit you already own (or plan on owning). It saves money and takes up less space!