3 Reasons Why Colored Sapphires Last Forever

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Many are going against tradition when it comes to their engagement rings. While diamonds have always been known for being a girl’s best friend, it’s always best to not limit yourself to just one friend, right? For those who like the white diamond look, moissanite is an option that is trending, however, colored sapphires are currently in the hot seat.

Even if you’re not currently on the hunt for an engagement ring, having basic knowledge of colored sapphire may help you in the future; especially if you’re a fine jewelry fan.  Read on to learn some of the reasons why you may want to invest in a colored sapphire:

Reason 1: High Hardness Can Last Forever

If you are a fine jewelry aficionado, you most likely already know the importance of hardness in the gemstone world. Hardness is representative of the durability of the gemstone in terms of resistance. It’s essentially a score that is given to a gemstone. The higher the hardness, the more durable it is. That is a reason why diamonds are used to represent love; diamonds last forever (literally). The Mohs hardness score goes up to 10, and the perfect diamond has that high rating. That is why solid gold name necklaces with tiny diamonds on it is a great gift for your significant other. Especially if you’re not quite ready for marriage yet.

The colored sapphire has a Mohs hardness score of 9, making it only second to diamonds when it comes to hardness.

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Reason 2: High Refraction Can Show a Dazzling Fire

The refractive index determines the most brilliant jewel of a perfect cut gem. Whether a gemstone is flashing or not, it all depends on its refractive index! Rihanna’s hit song, Diamonds, has scientifically incorrect lyrics in them. Diamonds don’t shine (“shine bright like a diamond”), they actually reflect. That is where that sparkle comes from. The hight the refraction, the higher to va-va-voom sparkle.

The diamond monogram silver necklace has a refractive index of 2.417, which ranks first. The refractive index of corundum is 1.762-1.77. It is the top three refractive index of common gemstones. Colored sapphires also have the ability to reflect light just as powerfully as the diamond.

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Reason 3: Trace Elements Make a Colorful Palette

The colored sapphire has a separate name – “Magic Sapphire”, precisely because of its rich colors–like a palette. The color of pink sapphire bracelet for your girlfriend is lighter than that of ruby, and the color saturation is not very high. It is a kind of delicate and fresh pink, but it is not very rich.

The higher quality is tens of thousands per carat, but if the tube obviously brown, gray, the value will be greatly reduced. The orange sapphire looks very beautiful too, and it is very popular if it is bright orange and slightly reddish.

Purple, green, and yellow sapphires are not cheap if they are rich in color; when the color of green sapphires is same as emeralds, the price will be very high; but the three colors of sapphire are often gray and brown, reducing the beauty and value of the gem.

The most expensive sapphire is the blue sapphire.

Basic Gemstone Knowledge

If you’re on the market for a gemstone, you must do your research. The most precious gemstones in the world are rubies and sapphires, and they belong to the corundum family. A corundum containing a trace of Cr2O3 standard red is called a ruby, while other corundums are called sapphires.

If your birthday is in July, your birthstone is a ruby. If your birthday is in September, your birthstone is the blue sapphire. That means you may one day want to purchase a custom birthstone ring (click this to get started) that belongs in the corundum family. Custom jewelry, is a great gift as well. It will become irreplaceable to the recipient immediately.

What are the Origins of Colored Sapphires?

All areas producing rubies and blue sapphires can also produce sapphires in other colors. The most famous places of origin are: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Australia, China, and Cambodia. Most necklaces on the market today containing small colored sapphires are produced in Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Consider getting a personalized necklace containing colored sapphires, today! Jewelry isn’t only about engagement rings, you can wear gemstones in many ways. Go here to get started: https://www.getnamenecklace.com

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