3 Reasons Why People Love Wood Furniture

Posted March 26, 2024 by in Home

Whether at a friend’s modest home, a chic restaurant, or a boutique hotel, you’ll likely find wood furniture. People have made furniture from wood for centuries, and it’s only become more popular lately. 

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It’s Beautiful

Looking at the grains in wood’s deep, rich colours is a satisfying experience. Each type of wood grain is a little different, and the types of colour palettes you can get include a spectrum from light to dark. Some two-toned pieces highlight the contrast between them.

Wood can have a sheen if you use polish or wax. It can look matte if you don’t include a finish or opt for a pale colour. It can be pale or ebony. Lighter wood tends to make the space around it look larger, and it’s great for a contemporary space. Darker woods have a larger presence and sense of gravitas.

From traditional to modern, rustic to urban, no matter what type of wood you choose in your furniture, it all looks beautiful.

Sturdy and Durable

Wood can withstand years of wear and tear, and unlike a lot of today’s cheaply built fast furniture, it can be repaired and restored to look as good as new. When kids play, they may get a little unruly and reckless, waving hockey sticks around, even mini sticks. It’s hard for kids to let loose and feel at ease when parents worry about furniture being too delicate or fragile.

Parents like getting wood bedroom sets for their kids because they’re durable and can be easily restored. You can take the stain off and finish off, give them a little sand and a wood filler, and old furniture can look the way it did when you bought it.

Much of the inexpensive furniture you can buy online and even in many stores looks great in ads, but it’s mostly designed to ship compactly. It’s built of cheap materials that wear down quickly, so it’ll look shoddy and worn and you’ll need to replace the furniture in no time.

In contrast, solid wood furniture can last for generations.

Comes in a Variety of Styles and Personalities

When you think of wood furniture, what comes to mind? You may think of traditional styles or those with fancy yet classic ornate touches. Today’s wood furniture comes in a range of styles, more than you may at first realize.

You can get a dining room table with asymmetrical legs, and the legs even seem to create an illusion you need to see to believe. “River” tables with coloured epoxies add flare, while the dynamic live-edge tables are a fun contemporary style.

Unlike buying furniture off the rack, the leading sellers of wood furniture let you customize the pieces so you can pick the wood, colour, and even the size. Measure carefully and get the perfect piece for your space and personality, whatever that may look like.

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