3 Side Jobs that are Perfect for Super Busy Moms

Posted July 20, 2019 by in Career
3 Side Jobs that are Perfect for Super Busy Moms

Being a mom is definitely one of the most important jobs in the world, but it is also one of the most exhausting. In addition, as your checkbook balance can attest, being a parent is not exactly easy on the wallet. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom who is trying to make one paycheck, do the work of two, or you work outside of the home, your budget needs a boost.

Fortunately, there are a number of flexible side hustles that will help to fatten up your checking account balance a bit, all without having to commit to a traditional part-time or full-time job:

3 Side Jobs that are Perfect for Super Busy Moms

1. Direct Sales

Your mom may have worked in direct sales when you were younger and you recall how she could sell items while still having plenty of time to play with you and your siblings. Now it’s your turn to do the same. You can partner with a company such as Amway and then set up your own business that you run right from home, all on your own time.

Regardless of whether you already work full time or are a SAHM, you can fit this type of work into pockets in your daily schedule. This YouTube video explains what Amway is and how the company is a solid solution for moms who want to make extra cash on their own time.

2. Selling Stuff Online

Chances are good that your home contains a number of money-making items that no one ever uses. Examples include CDs, DVDs, video games and other tech devices, along with gently used toys and clothes that still have the tags on them. Download an app such as Decluttr, which can help you sell tech-related items directly to the company, all without any listing or auction fees. As a bonus, if you scan the item’s barcode, the app will give you a price—if you like what they are offering, you can send in the items, with free shipping to boot.

Another great option would be using SellCell; they help millions of people sell their old phones & electronics and always guarantee that everyone gets the maximum price for their old device(s). So why SellCell?

  • SellCell is the largest comparison site in the US for people that want to sell their old Mobile Phones & Tablets
  • They compare the prices and user ratings from all the main buyers in the US, saving the user time and hassle
  • They feature all of the top US brands like Gazelle, ItsWorthMore & Decluttr in their price and rating comparison for every model of Mobile Phone and Tablet

You can also set up an online store on eBay and make money selling other unwanted items. If you can craft, consider establishing a shop on Etsy and turn those adorable handmade picture frames you create into a money-making venture. If you have a ton of clothes you no longer wear, selling your items on Poshmark may prove to be worthwhile. 

3. Cleaning Homes

You have probably learned a thing or two about keeping a home reasonably tidy, or maybe you genuinely love to clean. If you do, by all means get paid for it by becoming a housekeeper. You can announce your services on neighborhood social media sites like Nextdoor, and/or you can register with a website like Care.com and then search for jobs in your area.

You can either try to schedule your jobs for when the kiddos are in school, or on the evenings and weekends. The great thing about this type of work is that once word gets out about your mad housekeeping skills, you will probably get a lot of referrals that will help to keep you busy and your bank account a bit bigger.

Living paycheck to paycheck may be extremely common, but it does not have to be inevitable. By giving one or more of these side hustles a try, you can continue to be there for your kids, keep your current job if you are employed outside of the home, and feel your stress level go down as your bank balance goes up.