3 Smart Reasons Why You Must Get Heated Towel Rails

Posted April 13, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Nowadays, more homeowners are choosing to upgrade their homes. They would beautify different areas of the house to make it comfortable. One of the areas that gets the most improvement is the bathroom, especially since it is one of the most visited places at home. A popular innovation in bathroom spaces is the heated towel rails. This new feature is becoming more popular, especially in countries dealing with cold winter months. Shops showcasing heated towel rails online offer different types of rails that suit the aesthetics of every home. 

However, not everyone knows the full benefits of investing in heated towel rails. Here are some of the most helpful perks that this innovative fixture can give for your bathroom:

#1: Keep Your Towels Warm and Dry 

If you hate the sight of soggy towels or bath mats hanging in various areas of your bathroom, then you must invest in a heated towel rail right away. You only need to hang your towel in the dedicated slot to keep them fresh and dry all the time. 

Heated towel rails also provide a convenient and practical way to dry out your used towels during the winter. You only need to hang them up after use. It means you no longer have to put them in the dryer all the time to get rid of the excess moisture. 

#2: Keep the Bathroom Clean and Hygienic

Most of the time, the bathrooms become very wet and steamy after each use. It makes the area susceptible to moulds and mildew. It also causes musty smells in your towels. 

But if you keep all your towels in heated rails, the fabric will dry faster. It will also decrease the chances of mould reproduction in your bathroom. As a result, your towels will remain hygienic and clean longer. It will also smell better for a long time. 

#3: More Energy Efficient 

Shops that sell heated towel rails online usually offer rails that require 60 to 120W to function. It is definitely low than the energy requirement of electric dryers, which can go as high as 2,000 to 6,000 watts. It is also an energy-saving option than radiator heaters. 

It will also help if you install a timer in your bathroom to track the time that you let your heated towel rail running. It means you do not have to leave the rail on all day long, especially if you have no plans to use the bathroom for a while. You may also choose the models with dry heating elements than the hydronic models to significantly save more energy and reduce your electricity costs. 

Bonus Perk: Adds a Touch of Elegance to the Bathroom

Most heated towel rails come in eye-catching designs. It usually features a sleek, modern look that matches every bathroom’s style. You may choose a shiny stainless steel variety with a polished look to match the other fixtures in your bathroom. You also have the option to get vertical heated towel rails for a unique appearance. Fortunately, there are plenty of materials and colours to choose from when shopping for heated towel rails. 

Heated towel rails can be a smart addition to your bathroom. So look for a good-looking heated towel rail that suits the style and interior of your place if you plan to upgrade the design and function of your bathroom.