3 Tips for Better Connecting With Your Customers

Posted September 2, 2020 by in Career
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to adjust and adapt at speeds they never could have imagined. From switching employees to remote work to enforcing social distancing policies, brands have had to pivot and take steps to ensure the majority of customers are happy and cared for. This isn’t easy.

However, the cornerstone of change is always communication, and companies that connect with customers to communicate their policies and offer help will stand above the rest. Here are three ways to achieve that connection:

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  1. Make It Easier for Customers to Reach You

Contacting someone within your organization shouldn’t be work. Your customers shouldn’t have to dig around to find a phone number or email address. Make sure people can easily access your team if they have any problems. During the course of the pandemic, you may need to increase your call center capacity. Consider investing in cloud contact center software to scale up your response-ability.

The ease of which your customers can reach you can impact their happiness and loyalty. According to the 2020 Customer Rage Study, customer satisfaction rates with customer service continue to drop. This is because brands make it hard for customers to reach them. They tie callers up in long wait times, use convoluted automated systems, and hide their phone numbers. By the time a customer talks to a representative, they are already frustrated and angry.

Improving your customer service is the key to building positive connections.

  1. Increase Your Visibility to Online Customers

Along with making it easy for your customers to reach your customer service call center, help people connect with your brand online. Both new and returning customers will likely turn to search engines like Google to learn about your brand. A returning customer might check your address or search for your website, while a new customer might learn about your brand while researching your products.

Thousands of brands lost clients and customers at the start of the pandemic, which means the competition to get noticed is stronger than ever. Every click to your website or potential customer on your social media accounts can help your business reach pre-coronavirus operating levels. Now is the time to invest in digital marketing and search engine optimization.

Consider meeting with an SEO agency like Peaks Digital Marketing SEO Experts and requesting an analysis of your search visibility. They can make recommendations to help more customers find you on Google so you can rebuild your sales pipeline and continue to grow your business.

  1. Focus on Addressing Your Customer Needs

Now may also be a good time to review your marketing materials and see if you need to pivot during the current climate. Many businesses try to hype up their products as the best and market to customers with a focus on sales and business growth. Right now, more brands are taking a softer tone. They are developing more emotional hooks and empathizing with the needs of your customers. You may want to consider similar brand messaging.

Conduct market research on how your brand is perceived by your clients and whether or not your message is favorable. During this research, you can also get to know the needs of your clients better and see if anything has changed during the pandemic. You can either hire a consulting firm to advise you on your brand or conduct focus groups of your own. Depending on your feedback, you may need to rebrand, or simply adjust your messaging to be more customer-centric.

You can’t make every customer happy, but you can take steps to connect with them meaningfully. Follow these steps so you can improve your customer service and grow your audience loyalty.