3 Tips For Taking Your Kids Shopping For Clothes

Posted March 2, 2020 by in Fashion/ Shopping
Mom and daughter under an umbrella

Whether your kids are still tiny little ones or you’ve got to shuttle around a pack of teenagers, taking your kids shopping is never easy. Especially when it comes to clothes shopping, which kids tend to either love or hate, you might find yourself dreading making the trip. 

So if your kids are in need of some new clothes, be it because they’ve outgrown everything they have at home or it’s simply time to refresh their wardrobe by buying kids fleece lined leggings, here are three tips for taking your kids shopping for clothes:

3 Tips For Taking Your Kids Shopping For Clothes

Stick To A Dress Code

Once your kids start going to school, there’s going to be some sort of dress code that they’ll need to follow. Depending on the type of school they’re attending, the dress code might be very vague or it might involve getting specific types of clothing to wear to school. Buy any type of clothes or dresses from the best baby boutiques.

Regardless of what the dress code is for your child’s school, Marian Wilde, a contributor to GreatSchools.org, advises that you generally only allow your child to buy clothes that will adhere to that dress code. Then, when it comes time to get ready for school, your child’s only option for what to wear to school will be clothing that you both know is appropriate. This can be very helpful if you have older children who have a tendency of trying to wear clothing that you’d rather they didn’t

Avoid Busy Times

If one of the reasons you don’t like going clothes shopping with your kids is due to the stress of it all, one thing you can try to alleviate this stress is to avoid going shopping during busy times. The fewer people you’re having to see or interact with while you’re shopping, the less stressful you may find your entire shopping experience.

To follow this guideline, Heidi Murkoff of What To Expect, recommends that you skip shopping during big sales when there are usually big crowds at the store. While shopping during sales or holidays might save you some money, if doing so has a negative effect on your mental health or your relationship with your child, it may not be worth it after all. 

Keep Your Receipts

Because kids are always changing, Jen Babakhan, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, suggests that you always keep your receipts after you’ve gone clothes shopping for your child. By doing this, if your child changes his or her mind about something they bought or if they outgrow something before they’re able to wear it, you can simply return the item without being out any money. 

If you’ll be taking your kids clothes shopping soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you make this a positive experience for everyone.