3 Ways to Afford a Gap Year

Posted September 6, 2019 by in Lifestyle
ways to afford a gap year

Many of us dream of spending a year of our life exploring the globe and immersing ourselves in everything that the cultures and countries of the world have to offer. However, being able to leave home and work for an entire year takes a considerable amount of money, money that a lot of us don’t have easy access to.

However, you don’t have to have a full savings account in order to afford a gap year, and there are different ways that you can make your traveling dreams come true. While it is pretty unfortunate that traveling isn’t free (if only!), it also doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and with the correct budgeting and planning, you will soon have the money you need to enjoy some time away.

Here are a few tips and some advice that can help you afford a gap year:

3 Ways to Afford a Gap Year

Set a Budget

Before you can calculate if you are able to afford a gap year, you need to work out how much money you need to raise. It can be difficult to estimate how much a gap year will cost, but from accommodation to travel and insurance, the money you will require will soon start to add up. 

However, it is unlikely that you will have thought about every expenditure you will be faced with, and extra costs and charges will probably occur throughout your trip, so it is important that you have some extra money to fall back on. If you plan to work while you are away, then you may want to secure employment before you go so that you don’t run out of money during your trip with no form of income. 

Do Your Research 

There are many different ways that you can enjoy a gap year abroad, and from travel companies to volunteer programs, there are different routes you can go down when planning your time away. By doing your research, you may find special offers and opportunities that allow you to enjoy a gap year at a reduced cost. You can combine adventure with making a difference with the volunteering gap years provided by Frontier Gap Years. They have a number of different placements in different fields across the marine conservation industry, and their special offers can make your experience more affordable. 

Save, Save, Save 

Once you have done your research and worked out the costs, you can start to save money. While saving enough money may take you a considerable amount of time, you will be surprised at how the smallest of changes can make all the difference. There are many easy changes you can make to your daily life that can help you to save money, from eating at home rather than eating out, to taking your own coffee to work instead of visiting the coffee shop each morning. 

travel is good for the soul

By knowing your stuff and being more money conscious, you will be able to enjoy your traveling goals of a gap year before you know it. 

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