3 Ways to Be Wise in the Dressing Room

Posted December 4, 2012 by in Shopping

1. Try on your yes’s twice!

We all go into the dressing room with 8+ items. We cringe at the no’s, and put them back on the hanger. The yes’s we put aside for purchase. You go home and try on those yes pants again and find yourself disappointed. This scenario happens more often than not for many shoppers, and you can prevent it by trying on those yes’s twice!

Going back and re-trying on your favorites will help you make sure they deserve a spot in your wardrobe. You may even be preventing an impulse buy! If you’re still unsure, ask yourself a few questions: Does this really look good on me? Will I wear it more than once? Once you sift through those yes items, go and purchase the ones your think are really worth it.

2. Don’t purchase ANYTHING without trying it on first.

Don’t even think about walking over to the register with items that you haven’t even tried on. You’re just setting yourself up for another trip to the store for a return. Even if you know it’s going to fit, it might not fit exactly how you were thinking. Just head over to the dressing room and do a quick 30 second try-on.

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3. Don’t Rush

If you’re doing any sort of retail shopping, you need to take your time. Rushing will always lead to impulse buys that you’ll later regret.

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