3 Ways to Go Vegan Today

Posted May 20, 2021 by in Lifestyle

People the world over are embracing veganism as a new way of life. Although there is much debate over whether a vegan diet is truly healthy, many people adapt and find they feel better than they ever did. Plant-based diets and mindful purchases have allowed vegans to take control and play a small part in addressing the environmental and moral issues of using and eating animal products. So, if you feel strongly about these issues, how can you adopt a vegan lifestyle?


The first step to veganism is substituting animal food products. This involves more than vegetarian eating; you should give up all animal-based food including milk, cheese, butter etc. If you are a vegan newbie, it is wise to start slowly and let your body adapt.  Sudden changes in diet can cause uncomfortable symptoms so try introducing one new thing at a time. You can substitute cow’s milk for nut milk such as soya, oat, rice or coconut. Decide which non-dairy milk you prefer and use it on breakfast cereal and in tea and coffee. 

In the modern world, there is an alternative plant-based option for most foods, so you do not need to give up what you love. It is also a great opportunity to try new cuisine and experiment with flavors – using dairy products is not common in all cuisines. There are lots of online resources and recipes available that are nutritious and easy to make so help reduce your carbon footprint today by making thoughtful choices. 


Everyone enjoys pampering now and then, it is good for relaxing and relieves stress. When converting to veganism you must become more mindful about products and service choices. Many beauty salons, freelance beauticians, hairdressing services and spa packages use harmful and environmentally unfriendly products in their treatments.

To fully embrace veganism, seek out salons such as Julia Lampard hair services who use luxury products that are sustainable and vegan friendly. The products are either recyclable or biodegradable which also contributes to creating a greener planet. 

 You should be mindful when seeking treatments such as massage, facials and nails as these have often been tested on animals. Choose plain nut oils or search for online retailers that offer natural-based oils you can use instead. 


When trying to control spending it is easy to rely on cheap clothing that can be replaced easily to fill a wardrobe. However, it is important to adopt a new mindset in all aspects of life to address the moral issues of non-sustainable fashion. Seeking out vegan-friendly clothing, shoes and accessories will show you care about the situation the planet is in and play a small part in reducing the suffering animals endure. 

The good news is that more and more fashion designers are reinventing their brands to incorporate vegan products into their range. This means that there is more choice for consumers and products are not so niche that they are not affordable to most people. 

It can be challenging to change the way you eat and which products you consume. However, it is well worth the effort to help make the planet a happy place and reduce the suffering of living creatures. 

*Photos by Daria Shevtsova