3 Ways To Help You Break Your Distracted Driving Habits

Posted May 23, 2019 by in Lifestyle

While we all know that getting into a car accident is something that could happen to anyone, most of the time, people tend to spend their time behind the wheel focused more on the songs on the radio or the meeting we’re about to be late to. Rather than giving the road our undivided attention, we allow things to creep into our minds and thoughts that could, eventually, cause us to get in a car accident.

If this sounds like something you’re struggling with, you’ll be glad to know that distracted driving is often entirely within your control to change. So to help decrease your chances of getting into a car accident, here are three ways you can help to break your own distracted driving habits.

Educate Yourself

Although states and countries around the world over have made it illegal to text and drive or talk on the phone and drive, not many people have first-hand experience as to just how dangerous doing these things can be. While you might have had a close-call on your own or can understand why these things could be distracting, this sometimes isn’t enough of a deterrent.

To really see how dangerous distracted driving is, you may want to begin educating yourself more about this issue. According to Kelly Wallace, a contributor to CNN, there are driving simulators available to show you just how fast a distraction can result in a car accident. While these simulators are mostly used in high schools, they can be a clear illustration for anyone spending time behind the wheel.

Keep The Right Things In Arm’s Reach And Everything Else Away

Almost anything within your car could be a distraction to you while you’re driving. Because of this, it’s important that you keep anything that you might need within arm’s reach so that you don’t allow yourself to get too distracted.

Additionally, everything else that could be too much of a distraction should be kept away from you. According to AAA Exchange, you should only use devices in your car, even hands-free ones, when it’s absolutely necessary. Otherwise, don’t use them at all.

Don’t Plan On Doing Anything While In The Car

Aside from devices being a distraction, there are plenty of other things that people do or use in the car that distract them. To combat this, Liza Barth, a contributor to Consumer Reports, advises that you never plan on doing anything in the car other than driving. This means that you get all your communication done before getting in the car, have finished with your personal grooming, and that you wait to eat or drink anything.

If you’re often a distracted driver and are wanting to break those bad habits, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can do just that.