4 Affordable Ways to Learn How to Play an Instrument

Posted August 19, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Some people are just born to sing, and some people can simply play an instrument by ear. Those people are talented, but if you want musical skills, there are ways to learn.

The one thing that holds many people back from learning how to play an instrument or taking singing lessons is the cost. They don’t realize that it isn’t extremely expensive to learn to be musical, you just have to take some time to do the research.

Start With A Used Instrument

You can save money on the cost of instruments by buying used. You can often find decent quality instruments at yard sales, resale shops, and even at pawn shops. Take a moment to test it out at the store or ask about return policies. You might also find some good deals on Ebay or Craigslist. These deals could be good enough that even if you decide it’s not the right instrument for you you won’t feel like you wasted a ton of money. However, if you have the money to buy a new brand one then go for it, go to allaxess.com for one place that has all the instruments you need, even accessories like guitar tuners.

If you’re not ready to buy at all, renting an instrument from a music store could be a better option for you. Renting a conga will help you greatly when learning how to play congas. This way you can try out the instrument before you commit.

When it comes to deciding what instrument is for you, you’ll need to take a few things into consideration. How much do you want to spend on equipment? How difficult a task are you willing to learn? There are many more things to consider, including how shy you are.

Look Up Lessons Online

Once you’ve chosen your instrument and have it in hand it’s time to learn how to play. You can find some basic lessons online, even on YouTube. While these free lessons may be great to get a feel for things, you definitely want to look into real training if you want to get serious about playing.

You may want to look into your own online friends and ask them for tips on learning you particular instrument. If you want to be a singer, drummer, or even a guitar player, it’s pretty likely at least one of your Facebook friends has done one of these things, and while they may not teach you outright, they’ll be happy to give you some professional tips.

Visit The Local Music Store

If you aren’t having any luck finding stuff online, take some time to visit your local music store. The owner or employees may know some people that could help you out. You may also find out that they do lessons right there. If you become a regular customer you may also be able to get discounts on lessons.

Even if they don’t teach at the store, they might have a bulletin board up with info on classes, local teachers and more. You may also find bands looking for members, so once you’ve learned you might be able to put your lessons to good work.

Find Local Lessons

Speaking of local lessons. Whether you want piano lessons, guitar lessons, or professional voice and singing lessons, you can look online to find local teachers that are willing to take on students of any age. What you do after that will determine your cost.

Some local teachers are willing to barter for lessons if you have something to offer them that they are interested in. You may be able to get discounts for helping them advertise or for getting them new students.

Whatever your budget, you can learn how to play an instrument without spending a ton of money. Do you know how to play an instrument? Let us know in the comments below!