4 Articles That’ll Make You Think

Posted April 22, 2014 by in Career/ Lifestyle

I love to read, but let’s be honest: I’m a sucker for romance novels and anything that tells me what I should (or shouldn’t) wear this Spring. But I also like reading intelligent things — articles that make me think and ponder about life a bit. I try to do this at least once a day, as I spend most mornings writing about beauty and fashion. If I’m not writing about it, I’m taking pictures of it.

Below are four articles I recently read that seriously MADE ME THINK! I hope they make you think too.


1. The Truth about Basic Bitches: They Will Ruin Your Life

This article by Alden Wicker, the founder of Eco Cult will teach you all about the basic bitch, and why you should purge them from your life. We all have had a basic bitch in our lives at some point. You might even be a basic bitch. Read her article to find out…seriously!

The Basic Bitch doesn’t suck because she likes boring things. That’s just a byproduct. Symptoms of the larger problem, if you will. She sucks because she likes boring things, and she is on a campaign to tear down anyone that has the audacity to like interesting, new, different, intelligent, serious things. The Basic Bitch can be most easily identified by her attitude, which is “Ew, what is that?”

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2. What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Lady Gaga’s Career

This article is by Elliot Tomaeno, the founder of Astrsk PR. It’s no secret that Lady Gaga’s career is plummeting. Her album release date came and went, and no one really cared. After reading a great article on Noisey, Elliot compared Gaga’s failures to entrepreneurs.

I found myself reading this article aloud to a few friends, fascinated by the points the author made about why she thought Gaga’s career was ‘drowning’. Half-way through the piece I realized that there were some important takeaways here–not only for the pop music world but also for the tech/entrepreneurial community.

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3. Are Elite Degrees Wasted on Stay-at-Home Moms?

This great (and eye-opening) article was published by Anne-Marie Maginnis on Verily. A stay-at-home mother who disputes an article by Kelly Goff of the U.K. Guardian, entitled “Female Ivy League Graduates Have a Duty to Stay in the Workforce.”

If a woman at home doesn’t need an elite degree, as Goff argues, one wonders, does she need a college degree? A high-school degree? At what point is a woman not worth educating at all?

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4. If You Want To Travel, You Have To Detox First

This article was published on Damon & Jo on a Dime last month, and in a way, it’s similar to Alden’s article about Basic Bitches. Your life ultimately depends on your surroundings. If you hang around people who don’t support your goals and dreams, you most likely won’t achieve them. In this article, Damon and Jo talk about detoxing the haters from your life so you can live the interesting life you’ve always wanted.

Your mom won’t let you #31 Go Bungee Jumping in Costa Rica because you could get hurt and your friends laugh at you when you want to #8 Go Vegan for a Month. Your attempts to #22 Learn Another Language are thwarted because your conservative family believes they shouldn’t have to press 1 for English. You’ve always wanted to #57 Start a Rock Band, but someone told you “there’s so much competition” and that “it’s not realistic,” so you settled for something more realistic like #58 Dance on a Bar, but even that is hard to cross off without your friends thinking you’re a lil’ slutty slut.

You begin to realize that the life you want to live is not happening due to the people around you.

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I hope you enjoyed these articles as much as I did!