4 Beauty Treatments That Are Practical Too!

Posted July 23, 2020 by in Beauty
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Beauty can feel indulgent. Yes, it’s great for your mental health, but there are other things to focus on other than your appearance. I don’t know about you, but since everything changed with COVID-19, I have been doing my hair and makeup differently; way more simple. 

While there is some truth to the fact that we could care less about the way we look as a society, there’s no doubt that some beauty treatments are more than just indulgent. Depending on the circumstances, they can be incredibly practical and an excellent way to boost all aspects of your health. Carry on reading to find out more:


If you hate your crooked teeth, the odds are high that you don’t like to smile and have some self-esteem issues. To fix misaligned bite you could opt for braces. Braces would fix your bite and crooked teeth that would not only give you a smile worthy of Hollywood, but also help you have fewer oral hygiene issues.  

One of the reasons Americans spend tons of money on dental treatments is to eliminate jaw pain from a misaligned bite and to eliminate discomfort from infections. 

Whether you use traditional braces or a clear aligners, you can repair a feature you dislike while preventing future oral issues. 

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There’s no better feeling than sitting in a comfortable chair as your feet soak and a qualified technician deals with your cuticles. Ah, bliss! However, your trip to a spa or salon isn’t without its health benefits, especially if you suffer from in-growing nails.

Even if you don’t, long nails, or ones that haven’t been treated properly (i.e. you bite them), have a greater chance of bedding themselves into your skin. Aside from being painful, it’s a significant source of infections as the bacteria have a direct path into your bloodstream.

In the age of Coronavirus, it’s your duty to keep your pathogen levels to a minimum!

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Hairstyle Change

As a woman, you’ve spent most of your life with long hair. When things get too much, you simply put it up or tie it in a ponytail. There’s no need for short or medium-length hair when it’s out of your face. Unfortunately, ponytails aren’t as basic as they appear as the tightness can cause damage to the hair’s follicles and lead to hair loss.

Ladies, nothing else needs saying! If a drastic-yet-stylish hairstyle (think a modern bob) will keep your hairline fuller, it’s worth the change.

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Skin Peel

Peels are taboo since they involve chemicals that remove the first layer of your skin. If you opt for one on your face, the result, if it isn’t how you want it, could do more harm. Yet, it’s worth noting that peels are incredibly common among men and women as they produce smoother, younger-looking skin.

Aside from the obvious benefits of appearing ageless, it prevents excess oil production and the clogging of pores. As such, it makes it easier to moisturize and prevent your skin, the largest organ on the body, from being greasy and unhealthy.

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Think outside the box when it comes to beauty as treatments have more than one purpose!