4 Benefits of Using Pre-Workout Supplements

Posted December 16, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

With more athletes, bodybuilders, and gym trainers turning to pre-workout supplements, also known as pre-workouts, it can be tempting to give them a try yourself. If you are torn between using pre-workouts before you hit the gym or not, here are some of the benefits you stand to gain to help you decide:

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Boost Your Energy Levels

Often, after a busy day at work, poor night’s sleep, or a lengthy previous workout, you may feel exhausted to carry on the day’s workout. For this reason, you should consider using a healthy and powerful supplement from https://steelsupplements.com/ to boost your energy levels.

One of the main ingredients in most pre-workout supplements is caffeine. Caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, therefore boosting your energy levels. Caffeine also stimulates your central nervous system, which enhances your brain function. This improves your overall workout performance while stimulating greater muscle growth.

Muscle Gains

Pre-workout supplements provide an effective way to build muscles. This is because they contain an essential ingredient, the amino acids that boost muscle development. The main types of amino acids present in the pre-workouts  include:

  1. Citrulline 

When consumed, the citrulline in pre-workout supplements increases blood flow to the muscles. This improves the oxygen levels and provides additional nutrients in the muscles as you train to give them strength to work longer and harder, especially during intense workouts.

  1. Branched-Chain Amino Acids

The branched-chain amino acid (BCAAS) is responsible for muscle protein synthesis. This type of amino acid bypasses the digestive process and becomes readily available for muscle building. When branched-chain amino acids and citrulline are combined, they result in a powerful supplement for muscle gains.

Improves Endurance

Muscle fatigue from soreness and low energy levels are often the main hindrance to your workout endurance, making you quit training early. To combat muscle fatigue often caused by a build-up of acids and low energy levels, you should consider investing in pre-workout supplements. 

Pre-workout supplements contain beta-alanine, a chemical that removes build-up acids caused by intense workouts from your body, especially on your muscles. This helps you to push longer and harder through your training.

Some pre-workouts also contain baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate which helps reduce the accumulation of acids in muscle tissues. This allows you to work on longer, harder exercises with minimal soreness.

While the caffeine in pre-workout supplements is crucial to boost your energy levels, you may experience anxiety as a side effect, which could be detrimental to your endurance. For this reason, some pre-workout supplements also include L-theanine, a chemical that inhibits the side effects of caffeine, allowing it to focus on increasing energy levels.

Improved Strength

One of the most effective ways to increase body strength and enhance endurance is using pre-workout supplements. This is because they contain creatine, an ingredient that replenishes the ATP stores, giving your muscles the strength to contract. Creatine also helps to increase lean body mass levels.

Pre-workouts can help boost your energy levels, improve endurance and strength, and lead to muscle gains. However, ensure that you talk to your physician before using these supplements, especially if you have pre-existing health conditions to ascertain that they are safe for you.

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