4 Careers That Will Keep You Out From Behind A Desk

Posted February 8, 2024 by in Career

Are you terrified of a career where you are going to be stuck behind a desk for the majority of the day? Well, then we have good news because there are plenty of jobs that will allow you to remain out and about on your feet.

Here are a few of the best possibilities certainly worth exploring:

Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor

First, you should think about becoming a personal trainer or fitness instructor. This could be a great choice of career for anyone who is passionate about fitness and different sports activities. Be aware that a key part of being a successful personal trainer is going to be building up the right personal brand. You need to give clients a reason to use your services over the other possibilities that exist on the market. 

When it comes to being a fitness instructor, examples include yoga, spinning, and Zumba.

Real Estate Developer 

If you don’t want to be stuck in an office all day and you have a healthy level of charisma, then you could explore a position in the real estate industry. In a career like this, your main role will be ensuring that you sell houses and get buyers to sign on the dotted line. This means that you need to make them feel comfortable and satisfied with their decision, providing them with the confidence that they need to move forward with this decision.

Anyone who claims this is an easy role is almost certainly lying but it will suit rare individuals with the right level of charm and wisdom. 


Some people will never be happier than when they are out on the road. If this sounds familiar, then you might want to consider a career that will allow you to spend more time out on the roads or even all your time on the roads. There are lots of examples of careers like this. For instance, you can think about being a delivery driver.

Are you looking for a truck driving job? You’ll find plenty of opportunities like this on the market as they are in high demand right now. 

PR Professional 

Finally, you could think about becoming a PR professional. As a PR professional, you will need to liaise with individuals as well as representatives for larger companies. Now, in this career, you might spend some of your time writing up documents and completing similar pieces of work. But it’s certainly not all that you will be doing. You’ll be taking other steps here too. This includes meeting people in person and arranging events that are going to benefit them as well as their brand. As such, you’ll find that you spend most of the time out or even operating remotely. 

We hope this helps you see that there are a variety of fantastic careers that will allow you to escape the desk and ensure that you are not stuck in a stuffy office for most of the day. Don’t forget, most people will spend 30% of their life working. If you can avoid it, you should probably try to ensure that you don’t spend the majority of this time sitting down, staring at a screen. 

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