4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

Posted October 15, 2015 by in Home

Bare walls, void of any sort of décor, gives out an unpleasant and shabby feel to the room. It appears unfinished and lacking in some way or other. Walls cover an expansive area of the room, thereby being the most focal point. It is only fitting that you put in some effort and creativity in decorating it by adding delightful wall art.

Wall accessories and decoration add a warm touch and offers individuality and character to each room. It is important that you fill up the vast empty space on the wall with creative ideas and designs.

The home decor industry is constantly growing and people are coming up with amazing DIY ideas. This article will offer some tips for creating interesting wall décor from everyday items such as books, fabric and cooking utensils. These ideas will not only be crafty and captivating, but it will also be perfect for decorating within a budget.

Utilize Fabric

Getting extra pieces of abstract patterned fabric and scarves framed in different sizes and shapes and using them as decorative accessories for your kitchen wall or foyer wall will add texture to the room. This fabric panel on your wall will add vibrancy and warmth in the said room.

4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

You can also paint a table cloth and sew its mismatched pieces together to hang it as a tapestry in your dining room or hall. Tapestries are considered a vintage style, owing to its popular use in the medieval era as wall hangings for castles. Thus, they are likely to dazzle everyone who sees them.

4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

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 Display Utensils

Silverware, chinaware, cups and any other utensils that are no longer usable for cooking and eating purposes can be used as wall hooks in your kitchen.

Displaying vintage silverware on a framed canvas on the wall or perhaps hanging unused cups on the hooks will make your kitchen look extremely traditional and stunning.

4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

Extra-large metal ware can also be hung on the kitchen walls.  

4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

Use Old Shoe Boxes

Almost every household has excessive shoe boxes, sitting empty in closets. Instead of wasting them, you can decorate them and use them as wall décor. Painting the inside of the boxes, or covering them with vibrant papers will make it a great wall décor accessory as well as act as a display shelf to place light weighted item such as books and candle stands.

Make a Collage of Photographs and Drawings

Family photographs are the most commonly used way to fill up the empty spaces on the wall. Black and white wedding photographs or perhaps a photograph of your kid when he/she was first born or went to school displayed on the wall offer a very classic and warm impression. You can display them in almost every room’s wall, whether it is the study or the wall adjacent to the stairwell. Another alternative would be to consider getting family portrait paintings. They are very appealing to the eye and the style never gets old.

Showcasing your kids drawings in hallways will not only fill up the space nicely, but it is also a great way to show off your kid’s talent to visitors without appearing to be a bragging mom.

4 Creative Ways to Turn Everyday Items into Wall Decor

These wall décor ideas are easy and simple to implement as they make use of everyday items found in your homes, which otherwise are useless and create clutter. They will fill up the empty wall space nicely and bring a new and creative look to your home. Just make certain that they are all placed at eye level in order to truly enjoy the exciting décor.