5 Design Choices That Will Make a Big Impact on Your Home Décor

Posted November 21, 2019 by in Home
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Do you feel as if your home needs a face lift? There are several different ways that you can upgrade the decor in your home without planning a major renovation. There is no need to hire a contractor or interior designer if you are just looking to reinvigorate your home decor. You can do this periodically or have fun with a massive shopping spree for new decor.

Check out our list of four different design choices that will make a big impact on your home decor:

Get Creative with Lighting 

Some homeowners really underestimate the importance of lighting. One ceiling light fixated in the center of the room will not provide the right amount of light needed inside your home. It is important to consider adding different types of lighting to enhance your home. You can do this in several different ways. 

Ambient lighting is meant to illuminate the entire room. This usually comes from one source. Ambient lighting can include a ceiling light or lights racked along the edge of the ceiling. You can supplement ambient lighting with accent lighting. This includes floor lamps, table lamps, and any form of lighting that can highlight one area of the room.

Consider yourself fortunate if you have plenty of natural lighting inside your home. Natural lighting will save you money on your power bill will also provide plenty of benefits from the natural sunlight. The sun’s rays offer vitamins B and D and boosts your immune system. If you don’t have extra windows in your living room or bedroom, consider adding more during your renovation plan. 

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Marble Countertops 

Countertops are the easiest way to revitalize your home. It is a simple option that offers a completely new look without painting the walls or adding new fixtures. Marble is one of the most commonly used natural stone countertops. The natural stone is incredibly durable and can withstand accidents and spills. Marble is also known for its white and grey veins etched throughout the stone. Many homeowners flock to marble just based off of its appearance. It is possible to find rarer color palettes of marble, depending on the color scheme of your home. Rare colors include green, black, brown, and pink. If you want to personalize your marble countertops, you can hire an artist to carve intricate designs into the stone itself. 

Marble countertops can be installed in either the kitchen or bathroom. The stone naturally stays cool, making it perfect for those who love to bake in the kitchen. Marble is also easy to maintain. Simply wipe down the counters with warm water and soap. You will need to have the countertops sealed every few years to protect the marble from chips and normal wear-and-tear. 

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Create an Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is a fun way to test new colors and designs without committing to an entire renovation. This is also a great option if your room is already painted in a neutral color. You can keep the other walls in that same hue while painting an accent wall with a bright shade of color. There’s no need to buy multiple cans of paint for this design change, according to Diyza

It’s important to pick the right wall when planning for an accent wall. The selection should be considered as the focal point of the room. You don’t want to decorate a wall that many people will not instantly notice. For living rooms, you’ll want to pick a wall that houses a fireplace, mantle, or shelving. In a bedroom, you’ll want to pick the wall that stands by your headboard. 

Don’t feel as if you have to pick the brightest, most obnoxious shade on the color wheel. You can choose a muted color that compliments the other walls in the room. You can also choose different patterns. Wallpaper is becoming more popular again among homeowners and peel-and-stick wallpaper allows you to try different patterns without making a long-term commitment. 

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Add A Sliding Barn Door

A sliding barn door is an elegant and functional addition to any room and they’re available in a wide variety of styles and designs to fit any design motif. They’re easy to install and can instantly transform the feel of your home or office space. You can select a door with glass panes to improve the flow of light, or select a solid wood door for extra privacy. Barn doors are also available with chalkboard or whiteboard panels to create functional spaces perfect for families.

In rooms where space is limited, sliding barn doors are the perfect solution, and save significant space compared to traditional swinging doors. They’re also more affordable than installing a pocket door. You can position furniture wherever you wish without worrying about blocking an entrance. 

Mix and Match

All decor items in your home do not have to match. The elder members of your family might not agree but mixing and matching different pieces can offer a unique look and feel inside your home. Mixing pieces also allows you to slowly update and switch out pieces depending on the season and your own personal options. Usually you can find new decor items that are already tucked away inside your home. 

You can achieve this look by choosing items with different textures. This includes furniture with different metals, woods, and fabrics. If this feels imitating, hire an interior designer to help guide you towards the right directions. If an interior designer isn’t included in your budget, look at different blogs and magazines to find the right style for your home.

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