Deodorant Stop Working? 4 Ways to Prevent Body Odor

Posted March 14, 2014 by in Beauty

Let’s talk about body odor…

Body odor is a small problem that can cause serious embarrassment. Not applying deodorant to your underarms in the morning could ruin your day as well as upset the people around you. But what do you do if your tried and true deodorant stops working?

Here is how to put a halt to unwanted underarm wetness and odor once and for all:

1. Keep Dial Soap in your Shower

Body odor is created when sweat and bacteria meet. Since most body washes don’t have an anti-bacterial ingredient, your underarms still harbor bacteria after that nice long shower. An easy fix is to keep a bottle of Dial soap in your shower. Only use it on your underarms though!

2. Change your Deodorant

Sometimes just changing your deodorant is all you need to stop that early afternoon wetness. Change types too, go from a solid to a roll-on, to a spray.

3. Apply your Deodorant at Night Too

Most people only apply their deodorant in the morning. By doing that, you’re not giving the product the time it needs to actually work. Instead, apply your deodorant at night AND in the morning.

4. Try an Over-the-Counter Prescription Strength Deodorant

Stay away from the brand name “prescription strength” such as Degree and Secret. Instead, try Certain Dri. It comes with two different deodorants; one for night and one for day. You apply the powerful roll-on at night and the solid Certain Dri A.M. during the day. This stuff really works!

Don’t let your body odor prevent you from hanging out with your friends, or wearing your favorite dress. If none of these tips help you, contact your doctor. More extreme measures might need to be taken.