4 Easy Ways to Organize Your Drawers

Posted July 15, 2021 by in Decor

Drawers are the most jam-packed place and yet the most neglected one while cleaning. Unfortunately, this is the case in most of the houses. But if you can come up with a way of organizing them, drawers can be used as excellent storage places. If you can manage them properly, you might even put in more stuff than you have at present.

Organizing them is also really easy. Here are four easy steps that can change the way your drawer works.

Step 1: Evacuate

No matter where the drawer is in your home, the first task is to bring all the goods and junk inside it. Working with a filled drawer is not such a good idea as it would be complicated and time-consuming.

So, whether the drawer is in your bathroom or bedroom, to organize, pull everything out of it. 

Step 2: Reorder and Remove

Once you have got everything out, try putting them in a convenient temporary place and sort them out. You can arrange them according to the types of items, the frequency of using them, or even the brands if you like. The arrangement would mainly depend on the purpose for which you are using the drawer. 

If the drawer is for your cosmetics, you can sort them according to the type. For example, you can sort by colors if you are working on your makeup drawer. If you are going to put clothes in the drawer, you can fold and sort similar clothes together. Additionally, visit this website to know about modern cleaning and organizing tips and tricks.

Step 3: Precise Placement

You will tell how well you have organized your drawers when bringing your desired things out. If you have to go way deep to find something regular, what is the point of organizing? Select specific spots for each type of item. Store in a manner so that the regularly used ones stay at easy-to-reach places. 

If you are working on drawers for your clothes, put specific types in a particular space. For example, you can put t-shirts on the spot, pants on the other. You can do the same for cosmetics, bathroom items, and even kitchen cutleries as well. Also, keep the frequently used ones in the form to reduce the hassle of searching.

Step 4: Creativity

There are many ways you can organize the drawers for better use. You can also try to come up with creative ideas that can help you sort things in a better way. For example, you can use small boxes to store stuff in the drawer to ensure better separation. You can also come with innovative folding styles to better manage your clothes. You can look up magazines, TV shows, the internet, and so on for other creative ideas. 


The drawer is a super-efficient storage system if you know how to use it well; instead of throwing objects in it and trying hard to close, organizing the stuff inside can provide better storage. You can use the steps I have shown you to boost the effectiveness of your drawers. So, let’s get started. 

*Photos by Sanibell BV