4 Essentially Important Tips on How to Hang a Painting

Posted November 2, 2022 by in Home

Home decor paintings can bring life to neglected and dull bare walls. You can conveniently transform your blank walls into a visually appealing space. It’s also one of the nicest and most budget-friendly ways to set the tone and mood of your abode. And it’s perfect, especially for renters who are not allowed to paint walls and incorporate wallpaper. There are many perks you can have after hanging wall art. But you should know the right way to hang a painting. In this post, we’ll share with you some pro-tips on how to hang a painting that can make your wall look stunning and apt.

  1. Take proper measurements

Firstly, you have to decide the spot where you want your painting to be hung. Taking a proper measurement is the key to displaying the mesmerizing artwork. If you overlook this part, your wall might look cluttered and imperfect. You should be clear about the location as well as the size of the painting. Because your painting can look great when there’s enough room for it. Whether you want to hang a painting on the busiest or standalone wall, you’d have to survey the area first to get the painting with the right dimensions. 

  1. Compare your painting with its background 

Hanging wall art can be a piece of cake, but choosing the right artwork that goes well with its background isn’t. You’re lucky if you’re planning on redecorating your white wall with a painting since it embraces any type of wall art. But when it comes to dark and fancy walls, choosing the right painting is tricky. Your wall art should match the tone and color of your walls. Besides, you’ll have to consider its architectural details, furnishings, and natural light since these factors can make or break your display. 

  1. Keep it at an eye-level

The rule of thumb for displaying your artwork properly is to hang it at eye level. Neither above the fireplace nor below the dining table, that’d make you difficult to look at. You should hang a painting at an adult’s natural gaze. So, nobody could get a sore neck trying to see it. Most flat owners neglect it and consider hanging it too high. However, when you mount it all the way up, the wall art loses its natural charm and goes unnoticed because of its inappropriate spots. 

  1. Avoid drilling into walls

Even if your wall demands your attention, try not to go overboard with irrelevant details. Your bland wall can look visually appealing with a minimalistic approach. Perhaps, with a little upgrade to your wall decor. For instance, you wouldn’t need to drill a hole in your wall to hang a painting. Instead, you can mount framed art elegantly against the wall on the shelf, on a table, or on a counter for a crisp modern look. 

Your home will look incomplete without wall art. Before you get yourself framed art, try considering the above-shared things that can teach you how to hang a painting correctly and effortlessly. When you hang artwork, you take a step forward in the support of traditional art, which also creates a more modern living room on a budget