4 Great Ideas for a Basement Renovation

Posted May 30, 2018 by in Home

Do you have a basement that is basically wasted space? Why not renovate it and have something you can use on a regular basis? The process is not as difficult as many people think. In fact, with the help of the team from Penguin Basements in Ajax, that basement could be providing the family with a lot of use in no time. Here are four suggestions on how to make it into a space everyone will enjoy.

A Private Apartment

Could you use a little extra money each month? One way the renovated basement could help the family is converting the space into an efficiency apartment. Include a small kitchenette and a private bath. Remember that the tenant will also need a private entrance. You can obtain a free estimate for basement renovation that covers all these details and more. After the work is completed and you have a reliable tenant in place, that money can be set aside for everything from college educations to family holidays.

A Family Game Room

How about space where everyone can go to play their favorite games? The team at Penguin Basements in Ajax can come up with a design that includes space for pool tables, gaming machines, and even places for people to sit down and enjoy card or board games. Consider adding cabinets and a refrigerator to store snacks and beverages. Doing so means people won’t have to run upstairs if they want something to eat or drink.

Your Own Media Center

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a theater-like space set aside to watch movies or other media that you stream from a secure connection? The right renovation contractor can help you choose all the elements, including the seating and a screen that’s the perfect scale. A free estimate for basement renovation that covers wiring, finishing the walls, sealing the floors, and even securing the seats into position will demonstrate this conversion will be more affordable than many people think. Don’t forget to invest in a popcorn machine before you and your family settle in for the first viewing.

A Guest Suite

When weekend company comes, does it require people to give up their bedrooms? You can change that by converting the basement into a guest suite. Include a full bath in the planning and ensure there are plenty of outlets for phones, lighting, and other devices. Overhead lighting to go with the lamp light is also a good idea. Everyone will sleep better, no one has to give up their privacy, and your guests will be comfortable.

Why allow that basement to remain unused for another moment? Contact the team at Penguin Basements in Ajax and arrange for a contractor to inspect the space. Discuss ideas for how to convert it into the type of space you want and ask for a free estimate for each basement renovation idea you are considering. In a matter of weeks, the space will be ready for whatever you have in mind.

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