4 Hair-Curling Benefits of Adding Hair Extension Services to Your Salon

Posted April 20, 2022 by in Career
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If you are looking to add new skills or new certifications to your salon but aren’t sure what to do, look no further. Hair extension services are becoming a hot commodity in the beauty industry.

Hair extensions do not only benefit the customer but also the salon and stylist. Below are some reasons why you should consider adding this service to your resume or your salon.  

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Hair Extension Services 

There are a variety of hair extension types. Some of the most popular are sew-in, glue-in, tape-in, clip-in, and halo extensions. Each one has a specific way to be used.

If your salon offers a hair extension specialist who is versed in all types of extensions, your shop revenue can increase drastically. Consider offering this type of service at your salon or having your staff get hair extension certifications.

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1. Upkeep or Maintenance  

Most hair extensions require an upkeep of 5-8 weeks. This means that your client will continually return for extension maintenance. The level of maintenance can vary, but the cost of hair extension maintenance can be a profitable salon service. 

2. Va, Va, Volume, and Length 

The biggest benefit of extension service is the added volume and length for clients. These words are constantly thrown around in hair salons by stylists and clients alike. 

Suggesting hair extensions to add volume and length to hair is a great alternative. Another hot tip is that the extension hair takes the brunt of your styling and heat which gives your natural hair a break.

With the right extensions and proper application, clients will see the benefits of stronger hair and growth after removing the extensions. This is a great way to ensure happy and long-lasting clients. Other benefits for clients to wear hair extensions can be found here.

3. Color, Color Everywhere 

Another major benefit of hair extension service is adding or trying a new color.  Maybe you have a client who is unsure about a color choice or wants a trial of the color before committing? Adding hair extensions is a great alternative!

Coloring and bleaching hair can lead to long-lasting damage, but using hair extensions to replace coloring is a great suggestion for the client. They can try those bold, vivid colors without fear or hesitation. Using hair extensions doesn’t damage the hair and it isn’t permanent. 

4. Assisting Chemo Patients 

Women who have undergone chemo are very attached to their hair, for good reason. Using hair extensions will help them cover out the thinning of their hair. This in turn brings an overwhelming joy and pride for not only the client but also the stylist. 

Women who suffer from hair thinning or loss from chemo will leave your salon feeling confident, and happy. Isn’t this what all stylists aim for — a satisfied, happy, and confident client?

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Ready to Become a Hair Extension Specialist? 

After reading these reasons, you might feel ready to take the next step toward incorporating hair extension services into your salon.

It really will increase not only your revenue but your reputation in a positive way. Don’t forget to browse other articles on our website for hair care, services and products.

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