4 Home Improvement Projects That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted February 16, 2022 by in Decor
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Some home improvement projects are costlier than others. When there is only so much money to devote to it, it’s necessary to prioritise, at least partly based on the cost. 

It can be the case that a smaller change can significantly alter the feeling in a room, rather than needing to redecorate and refurnish everywhere. Therefore, don’t confine your thinking to remodelling the entire kitchen because fixing up one section of it might be enough. 

Here are 4 home improvement projects that satisfy but won’t break the bank. 

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  1. New Bathroom Touches

An old mirror that has seen better days could be replaced with something more attractive. Adding a new bathroom cabinet that’s larger but still fits into the space might finally get rid of one that’s been an eyesore since moving in?

Changing aging bathroom flooring for gleaming, geometric tiles could deliver a dose of colour and style to an otherwise bland space. Visit originalfeatures.co.uk to see some examples of Victorian tiles.

  1. Replace Tired Sofas/Armchairs or Get Creative

Replacing the tired armchairs and sofas from the living room that carried over from your last home could be long overdue. They may no longer provide adequate support and perhaps you don’t feel like they could be repaired.

If they’re still functional and a total replacement is too costly, here are some ideas. Why not add a throw over the sofa or get new covers made for them? This will improve its appearance and make it feel better when sitting on them. Adding a long rug to the floor will add a new element too.  

  1. New Garden Seating Area

With gardens that are poorly used but large enough, it’s possible to create a new seating area on the lawn.

The seating could support a small gathering with an outdoor heater situated nearby to keep people toasty in the early evening as the temperatures drop. A lantern or overhead lights strung over a nearby tree can provide illumination. 

When there are adults who wish to sit away from the kids playing on the patio, then it can create some separation. However, you’ll still be able to keep an eye on them and intervene where necessary too. 

  1. Clean the Carpeting

The carpets can get vacuumed regularly but will still accumulate dirt over time. Any spilled drinks will also linger by creating funky smells from the bacteria. While a carpet cleaning product that can be sprinkled over and vacuumed up a little while later will refresh it, sometimes that’s insufficient. 

You may need to set time aside to shampoo the carpet. This is more affordable than hiring a commercial carpet cleaning firm to do something similar. Be aware that an older carpet that’s getting close to threadbare in places won’t survive a good shampoo and cleaning treatment. That’ll need ripping up and entirely replacing. 

When short of funds, begin with the least expensive home improvements on your list and work down. You’ll see quick progress and it’ll spur you to push on through the list. 

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