4 Home Improvements to Save You Money

Posted August 4, 2019 by in Home
4 Home Improvements to Save You Money

Becoming a homeowner is both exciting and daunting as it comes with a whole host of extra expenses and home maintenance responsibilities. However, home improvements don’t have to be radical or expensive. If you’re looking to save money on your household bills (and lower your impact on the environment at the same time), consider these simple home improvements.

They may have upfront costs to consider, but often the ongoing savings will more than pay you back on your investment and may even increase the value of your home. You can then use this money to save, spend on other home improvements or even just enjoying a better quality of life

Smart home technology

Smart homes are becoming more and more common as we embrace technology which was once viewed as gimmicky or sci-fi gadgetry in our homes. There are many ways smart home automation can be used in the home including smart thermostats controlling and monitoring heating and cooling systems, managing electricity and water consumption, turning lights and other appliances on and off and even checking your home’s security cameras, all of which can be done remotely via an app on a smart device. 

By closely tracking our energy consumption we have a greater awareness of what you’re using. 

Solar panels

While installing solar panels is not a cheap investment, it can be a great way to save money in the long term. Residential solar panels convert the sun’s natural energy into usable electricity for your home so you need to buy less electricity from a supplier.

Solar panels are more efficient and less expensive than they have ever been before. What’s more, using electricity which has been generated through renewable energy rather than fossil fuels is much kinder to the environment and will lower your carbon footprint. If you are interested in solar panels you can find answers to common solar questions.

Reduce water usage

To lower your water usage you can make changes in several rooms of your home which, when you add them all together, can make a big difference to your bills. For example, in the kitchen try and ensure your dishwasher and washing machine are as energy efficient as possible and only use them when they are full. You could also have a thermostatic mixing valve installed which will reduce the temperature of the hot water at your taps so it is both safer to use and requires less energy to heat. 

A low flow shower head or a shower aerator in the bathroom can reduce your water consumption by as much as 40-60%, or you can simply place a 20 oz water bottle of water in the tank of your toilet. This will displace water used when flushing so you’ll use less water every time you flush.

Improve home security

While it’s not an obvious choice, by improving your home security system you may be able to reduce your home insurance premiums by as much as 20%. In addition, you’re also protecting your home against intruders and burglars (most burglars will look for a home security system before entering a property) so you can keep your family and home as safe as possible in addition to saving money.