4 Invaluable College Tips to Help You Survive Your Freshman Year

Posted July 9, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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If you’re getting ready to go to college, congratulations! It’s an exciting time, but it can also get overwhelming fast.

Of course, not everyone who starts will finish with a diploma in hand. And your freshman year of college can be especially fraught.

One study found that 30 percent of students drop out after the first year of college. Some don’t even get that far. 

Knowing what you’re up against is key. Reading up on college tips will increase your chances of success in your freshman year and beyond.

Keep reading for 4 of the best tips for incoming college freshmen:

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  1. Find a Regular Study Spot

The dorm room isn’t always the ideal study spot for a first-year college student. For starters, you’ll likely have one or more roommates. And it’s not likely they’ll want to study at the exact same time as you.

But college campuses are full of quiet spots where you can crack open a textbook and get to work. The library is one of the most obvious ones. The sooner you get familiar with your campus library, the better you’ll be.

There are also coffee shops both on-campus and off-campus. If the campus coffee joint’s crowded, head to a place like Starbucks. Better yet, find a locally owned coffee spot. 

  1. Communicate With Your Professors

Most professors know that the first year of college is intimidating. They want to help students succeed as much as possible. 

How can you get that help in a crowded lecture hall, though? Well, you can start by going to office hours. Going the first week or two of class will help the professor remember you. 

That doesn’t mean you should be a suck-up or spend all your time in your professor’s office. But if you have questions or concerns, swing by their office and ask. If that’s too intimidating, send them an email.

  1. Shop Around for Textbooks

Speaking of professors, they know that the price of textbooks is ridiculous. If you’re having trouble paying for a textbook, let them know.

They may have a copy you can borrow until you can afford to buy the real thing. If they don’t, they may know of a cheaper place to get textbooks than the campus bookstore.

Don’t rule out renting textbooks online either. This resource is a good starting point. 

  1. Go Ahead and Introduce Yourself

College is nerve-wracking for people with social anxiety. If you think too much about trying to make new friends, you’ll feel paralyzed with fear and doubt. 

That’s why it’s best not to think about it. Get out there and start introducing yourself as quickly as possible. 

It’s the best way to make friends when you’re new on campus. Sure, a few people come to campus with a built-in clique from high school. But most people are more or less on their own. 

The more you introduce yourself, the easier it will get. 

More College Tips

The above list of college tips should get you started. But there’s a lot more you can only learn by being on campus and experiencing college life.

At University Herald, we’re devoted to helping you maximize your college experience. Click on our “Students” section for more of the best advice for college freshmen.