4 Key Benefits of the Solar Edge Energy Hub

Posted May 24, 2022 by in Lifestyle

In response to the need to mitigate the effect of fossil fuels, there is a collective global switch to the more prevalent use of renewable energy sources. And between solar energy, wind, and hydroelectricity, the most common type is solar power. There is an ever-increasing up surge in the number of solar panel installations.

At its core, a solar system consists of three primary components: solar panels, a solar inverter, and an optional solar battery. The mark of an excellent solar system is in the efficacy of the sum of its components. Therefore, the best way to guarantee that you have one which provides optimal output is by using the best solar panels and inverters available.

Solar Edge Energy Hub

The SolarEdge Energy Hub is a ground-breaking new system designed to future-proof your home and help you maximise your solar savings. This smart inverter boasts a world-leading 99% efficiency and connects with battery storage, smart appliances, EV chargers, and other energy add-ons. 

SolarEdge inverters come with a unique feature known as a power optimiser. Power optimisers are small electrical devices innovated by SolarEdge that enhance energy production. The optimisers work by fitting one onto an individual solar panel where it will maximise the panel’s maximum output potential -regardless of what other panels are producing-. Therefore, optimisers help overcome the limitations of the conventional inverter solar panel systems sold in Australia.

Traditional solar systems that use ‘string’ inverters work by connecting the solar panels in a string facing the same direction. In so doing, the inverter considers the string of panels as a single unit. Thus, if something interferes with a singular panel’s total output, it will proportionately affect the rest of the system. For example, if debris causes one panel to drop its production by 50%, every solar panel in the string will register a 50% output drop. 

The SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter helps mitigate this disadvantage by using the optimisers to ‘separate’ each solar panel; thus, allowing every panel to operate individually at maximum output. As a result, the solar system has enhanced output levels, resulting in higher monetary savings.

Read on to learn more about benefits of SolarEdge Energy Hub.

What Is The SolarEdge Energy Hub?

The Energy Hub is a product whose production is steeped in innovation and a view to the future. In creating this inverter, SolarEdge demonstrated why the company remains on the leader board of solar inverter technology. The Energy Hub’s purpose is to magnify the present and future benefits of solar panel systems.

The SolarEdge Energy Hub has one primary purpose: to provide the ideal inverter solution that eases the use of a solar system both now and in the future. It does so by addressing the problem many owners encounter when using a traditional solar system- the question of upgrades. The older systems make upgrading an existing installation costly and cumbersome as there is often a need to add battery storage. Moreover, this addition requires a new inverter installation.

However, with an Energy Hub, you get a system whose design is predisposed to growing with you. As a result, the complications arising from the need for new components scatter in the face of the ability to add on a new battery for strorage purposes easily. Moreover, the system is pre-configured to connect to an EV charging station and can also manage multiple batteries and a generator.

Why Choose SolarEdge?

Choosing SolarEdge Energy Hub not only puts in your hand one of the most consequential solar energy technologies to date, but you also get to enjoy the numerous benefits of using the system, including:

Ready For Solar Battery Connection

Most first-time solar energy installers opt for an on-grid solar panel installation. This mode is a hybrid system that allows you to use solar energy during the day when there is enough sun to sustain production. However, in the evening- and thus the absence of sunlight- your home’s energy use will switch to a connection on the main power grid. The primary alternative to using this hybrid option is installing a solar battery that allows you to store excess energy during daylight production for use at night.

The most significant drawback to using a solar battery solution is cost. However, this will change as the ever-increasing demand for solar panels drives down the price of solar batteries. But this trend presents a new dilemma: most standard solar inverters are not equipped to work with solar batteries; thus, adopting battery storage means purchasing a new inverter. SolarEdge Energy Hub allows you to avoid this road bump and keep your upgrade costs low. You already have a device that facilitates a solar battery’s connection and use without purchasing any additional parts.

99% Inverter Efficiency

Solar inverter efficiency plays a key role in your solar panel energy production capabilities. An inverter’s primary purpose is to convert the solar energy harnessed by the panels into usable electricity. Therefore, no matter how many solar panels you have, if your inverter is only 80% efficient, you will always lose 20% of the energy output from your solar panels.

On the other hand, with the SolarEdge Energy Hub inverter’s impressive 99% efficiency rating, you can be assured that you are always getting the maximum amount of energy from your system.

EV Charging Preparedness

While EV (electric vehicle) sales in Australia are still low, there is a significant trend upward. This shift indicates a collective move away from the use of fossil fuel-powered vehicles. But while you may be ready to buy an electric car, you must ensure that your solar system can provide the necessary energy for battery charging. A requirement that most present inverters cannot meet.

SolarEdge aims to solve this dilemma by providing a pre-configured product to connect to an EV charger system. This way, you benefit from the ability to power your vehicle at no additional cost.

Advanced Energy Monitoring

SolarEdge offers you the chance to monitor your energy consumption to understand your utilisation and keep track of your savings. By monitoring your usage, you can find ways to gain even more energy savings, thus boosting your pockets even more. That is where the mySolarEdge app comes in. It is a handy tracking application that allows you to monitor your energy data and have remote control capabilities over other smart energy devices and EV charging stations.

So if you are planning for a new solar panel installation or want to upgrade an existing solar system, look no further than SolarEdge Energy Hub to ensure that what you have now will see you through a long period of future use.