4 Little Tips That Could Change a Girl’s Life Forever

Posted December 6, 2012 by in Lifestyle

Life can suck sometimes, say your favorite nail polish is all dried and clumpy, or your morning coffee was so bitter you just couldn’t stand it, and your bank account wouldn’t allow you to purchase another cup. Many of life’s little problems and annoyances have a simple fix. Below are a few tips that might just make your bad day a little bit better.

1. Clumpy Nail Polish

We all hate it when our favorite polish becomes dry, clumpy and hard to use.

Solution: Nail Polish Remover

Add a drop or two of nail polish remover into the nail polish bottle. Give it a good shake and you should be good to go! If it’s still on the clumpy side keep adding more polish remover until you get the perfect consistency.

2. Bitter Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, a bad cup of coffee could potentially ruin your morning.

Solution: Salt

By adding a pinch of salt to your unbearable morning brew you will cancel out the bitterness, giving you a smooth cup of joe that’ll be a lot easier to drink. Believe me, when I first heard this I was very skeptical, but I was in desperate need of a caffeine fix. My end result was a cup of coffee that was actually enjoyable.

3. Clumpy Mascara

When you want to extend the life of your favorite mascara, Or find it’s giving you the dreaded “spider” lash look, head over to your fridge.

Solution: Coke

Add about three drops of Coca Cola into your mascara tube. Give it a good shake, and bam! It’ll be just like new. If you don’t have any Coke, try using contact lens solution instead.

4. Streaky Mirrors

We all like to apply our makeup in a streak and fuzz free mirror, but sadly that doesn’t always happen.

Solution: Coffee Filters

Instead of using the usual paper towel, try a coffee filter! Take an unused coffee filter and use it the same way you would use a paper towel the next time you need to do your chores. You’ll happily find a house full of streak and fuzz free mirrors and windows.

Hopefully one of these tips will make your life a little bit easier. Want to keep reading? Check out Three Surprising Uses for White Vinegar and 14 Ways to Ace That Interview. If you have any quick tips that can make a Broke & Chic fan’s life a tad better, share them in the comments below!