4 Matching Outfits to Include in Your Travel Wardrobe

Posted November 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Packing light for your next trip can make a massive difference to the way you travel. With a well thought out collection of garments all packed neatly within a compact piece of luggage your chances of travelling with just a carry-on bag just increased, meaning less time to hang around and wait during check-in, and then waiting for your belongings to appear on the luggage carousel after the arduous task of flying to your chosen destination.

There are no secrets to creating a capsule wardrobe, but there are a few rules, and as long as you have followed the rules then you will be well on your way to packing the perfect matching outfits for your next trip.

Rule number 1, every garment must be coordinated within your wardrobe.

Rule number 2, if you are unsure, don’t pack it. Now we understand the benefits and how to go about putting your travel wardrobe together, let’s take a look at some specific outfits to include:

T-Shirt & Shorts

If you are heading to a sunny destination you will need a way to enjoy that sun. There is no better outfit combo for this exact purpose than a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. What makes this such a great combo and one you must include in your travel is that you can style this however you want, from plain and simple basics all the way to flamboyant patterns, just remember that it needs to remain coordinated, and should match the rest of your wardrobe.

Personalised Hoodie & Joggers

If you are travelling as part of a large group, then you may be wanting to find a way to match outfits with your friends, especially if you trip has any meaning behind it, or you are travelling for a helpful cause.

A great way to match with your friends is by each having your own personalised hoodie from Banana Moon Clothing which will allow you to add your own personalisation’s and logos, as well as the names of the individuals travelling within your group.

What’s more is these are great for relaxing in during your trip and will become a sentimental item holding fond memories for years to come.

Shirt & Trousers

If you are planning on frequenting a formal event, such as a high-end restaurant, you may need a matching outfit that matches the occasion. There is no outfit better than a suit, or in this case smart shirt and trousers, or a classy and elegant evening dress.

Again, it is important to stick to a colour scheme or pallet to get the most out of limited packing space in order to be able to mix and match, but with this outfit it is unlikely that you will be mixing a smart shirt with swimming trunks! 

Traditional Clothing 

If you want to match your outfit with the locals in the location you are visiting, there there’s no outfit more suitable than traditional clothing. This outfit is great if you are attending and local events or want to show your appreciation to the culture and the people, as it can show you are respectable about the traditions, and you have done the research beforehand.

If this outfit sounds like something you would like to include in your travel wardrobe, be sure to do your research and ensure you are paying your respects and be a responsible tourist so you do not disrespect the people and their culture.