4 Myths About Home Improvements

Posted July 12, 2021 by in Lifestyle

One of the most positive experiences that people can have is renovating your home. Maybe it is a kitchen that you think is old and outdated or carpets in your living room that you want to rip out and replace with tiles. Making the decision to renovate is one thing, but understanding what comes with that decision is another thing that needs to be considered. Are you ready for the chaos of renovating a home? The frustration and complications that might arise?

Renovating a home is definitely not an easy task and here are the biggest myths that are associated with home renovation.

It Will Cost Less If You Do It Yourself

The first myth about home improvements is that it will cost you much less if you do it yourself and this is simply untrue. DIY projects might seem cheaper than hiring a professional but if you look at all the costs involved you will see that it is not. You have to invest in the right tools, you have to invest your time because you won’t be able to finish the task as quickly as a professional and you have to make provisions for any errors that might occur because of the fact that you are inexperienced compared to a professional. Errors could result in extra costs.

Hiring a professional ensures that you have someone working on your house that knows what they are doing and they will have all the correct and necessary tools. A professional will also work quickly and if you hire the right person or people, there won’t be any errors made that need fixing.

It Takes Longer Than Expected

The next myth associated with home improvements is that it will take longer than you expect it to and again, this is not the truth. If you plan everything properly and ensure that you hire a good professional that can do the work required, everything will go according to schedule and there won’t be any delays. There are things that you can do to ensure that everything happens in good time such as saving magazine layouts that inspire you, which you can share with your contractor before you begin.

This is especially important if you are renovating to sell your home. Having a timeline with your contractor and realtor will make the home-selling process a lot quicker and easier. Many realtors, like those found on Top 10 Real Estate Agents here, will work with you beforehand to ensure they can sell your home for a higher price.

You should also stay away from making last-minute changes to your plan and stay transparent about your budget to your contractor. Make sure that all your plans are in writing so that everyone involved in the renovation is on the same page. 

It Will Add Value to Your House 

Many people believe that once they renovate their home, it will increase in value but this is another myth. Sometimes the upgrades that you make to your home are only desirable to you and not to other users. In fact, some renovations make your home much harder to sell and actually devalue your home. These are a few examples of home improvements that make your house challenging to sell:

  • Renovations that are associated with hobbies or specific interests such as a home recording studio.
  • Upgrades that are a lot of work such as a high maintenance garden.
  • Removing old, attractive trees from your property.

If you want to do home renovations to add value to your home do the following:

  • Repainting 
  • Waterproofing your roof
  • Resealing and sanding wooden floors

It Doesn’t Require a Remodeling Permit 

The last myth we are going to tackle is that remodelling does not require a permit. This, again, is untrue. Minor home improvements such as repainting, for example, might not require a permit but if you are looking to do bigger home improvements, you will need to have a permit. The great thing is that, usually, the contractor handles the permits which saves you money and time. 

Renovating your home can be a stressful time but above all, it is an exciting process that should be enjoyed. Before you start tearing your home apart to start renovating, you need to make sure you are familiar with every bit of research out there. Remember that it does not cost less to do it yourself, it does not have to be a long process, home improvements don’t always add value to your home and you might need a permit. 

*Photos by La Miko