4 Necessary Steps for Floor Polishing

Posted April 30, 2021 by in Lifestyle

A wooden house is no doubt a premium dream for many people. It is equivalent to the definition of beauty. A beautiful place is something that you need to maintain from time to time. Constant maintenance of your wooden home will determine its age and the time till it will stand tall.

Keeping your wooden home has a perfect charm that will let you run for a quest where you have to keep all the elements that can damage, rupture, or create a dent in your house. Hence, one of the essential attributes to keep your wooden house beautiful is keeping its wooden floor clean with floor polishing. But, you need to know the polishing steps to clean your house perfectly.

Read on to learn how to use floor polishers:

Step 1: Remove furniture & Vacuuming floors

Well, finally, you are going to start cleaning the floors using the floor polishing technique. But, before starting this entire process, you need to remove the rugs and furniture or keep them aside. But, you need the help of someone who can assist you to remove these things. Next comes the vacuuming of floors. Vacuuming of floors eradicates micro particles like dust, dirt, and other debris.

However, before using your vacuum cleaner, you need to check that the cleaner’s wheels are in perfect shape. Wearing and tearing of these wheels may damage your house. 

Step 2: Mopping floors

For mopping, you need to use chemicals like dishwashing liquid. Add some drops of these chemicals to a bucket full of water. Mix it well. Now, unlock your smartphone and plug an earphone or earbud to start listening to music to make this mopping process not at all a cumbersome one. Make smooth strokes through your mop. Let every beat synchronize with every stroke.

In case you find some standing water, you must wipe up this excess liquid. You also need to check that you should not use the mop on that part that is already waxed.

Step 3: Buffing

Now, the time has come where you need to use your hand for floor polishing. Get ready for buffing. Listen, the alphabet “l” is missing in bluffing. So, don’t let your brain at work. Instead, your hand has to make a move now. All you need is to get on your knees with a microfibre cloth in your hand.

If you don’t want to be on your knees, try to find a dry microfibre mop and use your leg. Otherwise, you can rent a buffing machine. Check out the relevant websites to get a buffing machine. 

Step 4: Polishing

For polishing, you must use urethane or other water-based polish on floors. You can get a good finishing touch with polyurethane. However, for other finishes, you should seek wax-based polish. Once you get them in your hand, you have to squirt the solution onto the floor. Next, wipe the floor using a microfibre cloth. Test this polish on an area to start using it properly. But, keep in mind that you should not use this polish over the carpets. It is one of the essential reasons to keep carpet aside, as mentioned earlier.

For carpet cleaning, you can use other cheap carpet cleaning machines. After you complete the polishing, you need to let the floor dry for at least six hours or more. You can apply two to three layers for coating. 

Floor Polishing is one of the best answers to let your wooden house age increase with time. But, there are certain and specific steps or instructions using which you can easily implement the floor polishing process. You will find and feel the correct magnitude of vibrancy.