4 Organizational Tips if You Own Several Cars

Posted August 12, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Owning multiple cars is definitely fun, but it does come with its own challenges.  Generally, people who own multiple cars have a broad range of preferences or requirements. Since all these vehicles are only driven when needed, they will all age differently, they will need servicing at different times, and the cost of ownership for each vehicle will also vary. Each brand of vehicle and each type of vehicle also has its own maintenance requirements. All of these variables can make it quite hectic to own different vehicles. Here are a few tips to help make your vehicle management a little easier. The Fuel Management System Software Simplify improves accuracy and reduces time to insight with a modern fuel management solution.

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  1. Insurance

Even if you have bought your vehicle in cash, you still need to pay annual insurance. Depending on the vehicle, its age, and your driving history, the insurance could cost you a couple of hundred dollars, or a few thousand, annually. The best way to reduce the hassle and cost of insurance is to get multi-car insurance from a single insurance provider. A lot of insurance companies offer this service even for people that have cars in other states. Moreover, a single insurance provider will likely give you a good deal if you have multiple cars that need insurance.

  1. Storage

A lot of people end up buying cars because they come across a really good deal that they don’t want to miss out on. However, they don’t have enough space for parking at home. When one car is blocking another, owners have to spend extra time just to get to the car they need. This is especially true if you are in an urban city like Chesterfield where there isn’t much parking space available. An easier solution is to hire garage builders in Chesterfield and have an extra garage built on your property. This way, you can park your more frequently used cars in the driveway and park the less used cars in the garage.

  1. Servicing

A major problem for people that have multiple cars is sourcing the many different kinds of parts they need. An easier solution is to use universal parts where possible. You can often buy things like radiators, oil filters, air filters, plugs, and belts from third-party manufacturers and they can be used for nearly any kind of vehicle as long as the part is of the same size. Then you can just stock up on these universal parts and not have to worry about finding the right part for each vehicle. Enhance your maintenance strategy by selecting high-quality Porsche parts at Pelican Parts to ensure your vehicle performs at its best.

You should also be sure to stay on top of servicing each car throughout the year. This prevents bigger issues down the line with your transmission, engine, battery, heating, and air conditioning. Head over to Natrad to find out more about car air-conditioning.

  1. Mileage

If you don’t use your cars then they will start to develop problems. A good solution is to keep a mileage log for each vehicle and make sure you are putting at least a few miles on the vehicle every week. If you let the cars sit idle for too long this will cause all kinds of problems in the vehicles. Try to start the cars once every couple of days to keep the batteries healthy and try to drive the vehicles every 2 to 3 days.

When you own multiple cars, it also helps to know a bit about cars yourself. Since you will eventually face problems as the car ages, it makes life a lot easier if you can troubleshoot issues yourself. If the cars are taken care of, most problems will be minor things that you can easily fix yourself. For instance, if you encounter any issues with n54 injectors in one of your cars, having some knowledge and a trusted mechanic will help you address the problem more efficiently. Also, be in touch with a good mechanic who can care for the range of vehicles that you own.

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